Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Green World without limits....what is that?

I started blogging in 2008 to keep in touch with my family and friends back home while I was working as a Flight attendant in the UK. I tried to carry on while I was working in a cruise ship with not much luck as back in the time internet was limited and so was my time between port of calls, emergency drills and passenger complains. 
Then I decided to start blogging seriously when I was traveling in Central Asia. One year of solo travel was more than enough to get time to blog a couple of times a week about every single adventure that happens to me. I meet amazing travel bloggers and improve my writing and SEO skills. 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The log cabin project

My partner always dreamed with living in a log cabin that he built himself.

Baby Lyanz and me posing with the cabin half way through

The UK current legislation does not allow anyone to live in their own land unless you live in a mobile structure such as a caravan, camper-van, portable dissembled wooden cabin.

One of the reason to build it on a trailer to comply with the legislation to make it mobile if we choose to. It is not design to move it all the time for weekend trips. It will be as mobile as an static caravan is.

A little bit of technicalities for the building enthusiastic:

Once upon a time, it was an empty trailer...
The trailer, totally barefoot.
- Chasis: Reclaimed old caravan frame 20 foot (27 foot counting the towing bar)
- Frame work: Bulk deal of ash poles that we found as a bundle on ebay. They were plained and air dry seasoned for more than 3 years.We used mostly 2x2.

My hero doing the framework.

- Insulation: Reclaimed kingspan insulation board.

Here you can see the insulation on the floor, the windows and the membrane....and the poppet pie!
- Windows: Two big windows donated to us by a friend who loved the project!
- Membrane: Waterproof breathable felt membrane. 

- Cladding and flooring: One of our biggest expenses. Tonge and grove flooring and cladding. We chose Redwood as it was one of the lightweight and more affordable. Lief would have love to build everything in solid oak, but it would have been too much weight on it.

- Varnishing: For long- lasting protection, we used sadolin with a light oak stain for a visual effect.We ordered online as we could buy in 5l and the price was more affordable than bigger trading shops.
- Tiles: Tiles were a massive matter but one company based in the Forest of Dean found us and offer us their product: lightweight tiles made by recycled plastic that weight next to nothing, have a lot of wind resistance, insulation and waterproof.

- Second fix nailer gun: Due to the amount of cladding on the building, we had a serious need for a second fix nailer gun. We rented one for the external cladding, but in the way we realised that we needed our own to make it worth and it was probably one of the best investment of this projects, toolwise.
Every carpenter should have this toy.

Earthwool: To be fitted in the roof as insulation.

Tools required:  hammer, chisel, screwdriver, impact driver, drill, chop saw, circular saw, planer thicknesser, second fix nailer gun, among many others.

How did we manage to do everything with the baby?
Our son was 10 months old when we started the project. Our normal life and also helping with Rainbow Futures Camps did not allow much time to finish the project on time as we wanted (we wanted to have the main build finished before the summer started).

Poppet helping mummy to varnish the cladding.
Monitoring daddy's job from the top
Doing a little bit of sanding
 And this is the cabin, main building finished!!

The cabin being towed and going into his winter storage.

In an ideal world, we would like to buy some woodland with some farmland where to set-up an off-grid community and eco-warrior school. If you have a similar dream, just contact us!

You can see more pictures and a daily update of the process in facebook: 

As we said last year, we have started to build a log cabin on wheels, hopefully it would be ready for the summer!That what we had achieved in approx. 100 hours #tinyhome

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What do you think about our log cabin?

Monday, October 26, 2015

What have we been doing during summer 2015

Summer is already gone. The last thing that you hear from us is that we were building a log cabin.

Rainbow in the Rainbow field

Somehow we always manage to turn on the rainbows for stunning pictures.

What have we done since then?

The bubble maker entertaining children and grow-ups.

Since summer 2013 I volunteer for a project call Rainbow Futures. There is where I met my partner and where my son was conceived. Rainbow hosts different camps with different ethos but destined to offer people a safe place to develop themselves. We show people how to live a different lifestyle than the one that society tells us to live.
Happy naked baby enjoying some munchebles with Matthieu (France) and Ricard (Spain)

Our stunning Daria from Germany, always with a huge smile behind the counter.

Not all is working for our workaway team! Enjoying the night concert

Day off for our crew enjoying the Forest of Dean.

This year was a very nice and smooth year. We have an amazing team of volunteer from workaway that become part of our extended family now. A part of the regular camps, we have the pleasure to host Sundara Camps, who bought us new energy and new people to our group.

Life was good this summer. Relatively good weather (for England). We had the longest pack-down ever (nearly 6 weeks!!) and we are ready for our next adventure! 

Where are we heading now?


Don't want to mention it until it happens. But it will be sun and good food involve and a long road trip!

We are now focus in finishing sealing our log cabin. Next post I will be talking about this project

Where did you spend your summer? If you ever interested in coming to any of Rainbow Futures Camps, just let us know in the comments!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Why you should not miss the Eden Project

When we were in Cornwall, I discover how close The Eden Project is. Since my recent interest for plants and green stuff, I couldn't miss it!

Why you should miss it too:

Eden project has been created in a massive pit of china clay, demonstrating that regeneration is possible in nature.

Wherever you look at, you will be learning how our planet works.

If you love art, the place is full of sculptures and new art deco.

If you live in England, you will love to sweat in the Rainforest biome!

If you are from Spain, Italy or Greece, you will feel like at home in the Mediterranean Biome.

The car park with fruit names is extremely cute!

Instead of paying for the entrance, you can donate it to the Project and you get an annual pass instead. You could visit the Eden Project in every different season!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hikes and Walks in Honk Kong: Lamma Island

Lamma Island, situated at less than half an hour from Central Hong Kong, it’s a real paradise with no cars at all. One of my favourite islands in Hong Kong.

There is 2 main ports where the ferries dock: Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. The price for the ferry to Yuen in a weekday is 16,20HK$ and 8,9HK$ for children. For Sok Kwu Wan expect to pay 19HK$ and a little bit more on weekends and public holidays.

Monday, March 30, 2015

I went to Cornwall and I didn't expected this

When some family members planned to rent a holiday letting for a week and invited us, I didn't have much expectations.

Welcome to Maenporth

Maenporth, Cornwall. Cornish water supposed to be the warmest in the UK and we were heading there to do some spearfishing.

After a week in there, these are the memories I am taking home and keeping forever:

The entrance of the estate.
A single Daffodil facing the infinite world

Friday, February 13, 2015

Going to the Philippines? How to move around

If you are traveling to the Philippines, there is a few options you should consider to make the most of your trip:
You are certainly arriving by plane into the country (though some cruise ships are starting to dock in Manila port, this is very unlikely). The main airports for international flights are Manila, Clark (Angeles) or Cebu. Once in there, several low cost companies offer daily flight for just a few pesos! If you travel light, you can still enjoy flying very cheap. Even if you book last minute because you are uncertain of your route, you can get flights for 1500-2000php.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

How NOT to prepare sushi!

After doing sushi at home a couple of nights ago, I miss Japan and all its amazing food!

I was just showing to my partner some of the homemade sushi that my friend's mother prepared for me when I was visiting them in Chiba! Truly amazing!

Without seaweed, only an omelette!

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