Monday, February 25, 2008

Eu não falho português!

I just came to see this post, that I wrote when this was my daily journal back in 2008. I think it might be curious for non Latin-based Speakers.
Eu sou Noelia, tenho 21 da idade e sou espanhola. Gostaria muito da procurare um quarto dal 17 de marzo al 20 de april con cabo de internet cerca de Rua de Guedes de Azevedo


I wrote this advertisement in order to look for accomodation when I was preparing to do my Training as a Flight Attendant in 2008. In that time, I had no idea of Portuguese at all. I even never saw a Portuguese person in my life...How do they look like? Are they very different from us?

Views from my neighborhood in Porto
I promised myself that I would learn the language in the 5 weeks I would live in Porto! Even if I don't need it because the training was in English but I was in love with the language!

For any non Spanish-Speaker, maybe Portuguese and Spanish sound the same. Italian and French have different sounds and it is supposed that everybody can note the different between Italian and French languages...I can speak Italian too and I always say that it is our 'twin' language...For me it's also "la lingua dal cuore"!

But Portuguese it's our 'forgotten' sister... Unless you live in Galicia or in the border,noone in Spain cares about learning Portuguese. We don't listen to their music, read their books or watch its TV. All the Portuguese people I meet in my life were quite fluent in Spain...But us, such a shame, maybe if we read Portuguese, we can understand more or less 60% but listening it's really difficult!!! Maybe we understand 20%

Porto Ribeiro
Porto is such an amazing city!


Nick O. said...

It looks like a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

Oi, Noe, tudo bem? Beleza! Obrigada! Beijos!!!!!! Martina

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