Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Everything I learned in one year in Hungary

One of most asked questions during my 7 months Hungarian adventure was:

'What are you doing in Budapest? '

At the beginning the innocent person who asked me that  question, was forced to listen a whole discourse of 20 minutes about the thousand reasons that brought me to Hungary. Short version:

‘I came here like a tourist when I was an Erasmus Student in Germany and I felt in love with the city, the cool atmosphere, the language and i told to myself that I have to come back to find the artistic me here. I wanna find a nice job here and stay for long time!...’

My discourse and motivation started to decrease as increase my time here......After repeating the same discourse many time, even myself I couldn’t believe anymore.

Nowadays my Hungarian life is over but when I meet a Hungarian they are still amaze and keep asking me.

About Hungary and Hungarians...there are really an unique country. Only foreigner who lived here could understand why I am telling that. Not even Hungarian are aware about how specials they are...

But I learn many things here......and not only children’s songs :o) I will try to make a short list:

  • How to survive in a country where I don’t speak the language (it was the same in Germany and even worse, because I didn’t know English at that time, but I was student and protected by the I had to defeat myself against the jungle and the adult life and find my own space) .
  • It is possible (and cool) to party every night.

  • Do not trust anyone who looks sweet and reliable. They are the worst one, because they are easily trustful.
  • Nothing is sure in any business until you are there. (end even when you are there!)
  • The most unexpected night you can meet people who will change your life.
  • There is art inside of me, I just don’t know how to express it yet.
  • I am not cut out for routine daily jobs M-F 9-18. I learned the lessons and I won’t apply until I become a real ‘adult’.
  • Things about how to create blogs, Page ranks, labels in website and other stuffs I never listen in my life.
  • How to write dots after any sentence!.(thanks A.!)
  • Not everyone can be a teacher of their own native language, you are require to be a real tutor for that or you will suffer as well.

    And many many more, I will keep adding!

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