Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do Spanish People Take a Siesta and Why?

I have been asked thousand of times if Spanish people really make siesta (to take a nap) every afternoon. Yes, we do,it’s true. The Spaniards who are lucky enough to be able to make siesta everyday they do. And the other unlucky remain frustrated oversleeping in the desk or other work places.....Siesta is sacred, do not play with it. It's one of the best Spanish inventions and we are very proud of it. From 3 to 5pm your are absolutely not allow to call anyone, even the call center agent might be in siesta time in the workplace, so don’t disturb him! You may call someone at 3am in the morning and nothing happen, probably this Spanish is anywhere is still hanging out even if it Tuesday, but please, respect our traditions and be quiet in siesta time!

Grandpa, Grandma and even our little canary bird napping in the afternoon

A hot Spanish guy in siesta mode.

Reasons of siesta
  • Spanish love eating big and heavy dishes, with a lot of liquids, soda drink.....That make digestion quite hard to stand-->siesta.
  • How are they going to party all night long?
  • It’s not a joke but the hot weather in Spain is the main reason! Example taken in Almeria 5th may 2008:


    Have you seen Finnish people at 5pm in the afternoon going for a walk with -30ºC? The same for us. +30ºC is not much better for the brain. Actually is worse, our brain is quite melted. Again, if you see people at siesta time in the street with all this hot weather, believe or not, they are not there under their decision.

    If you ever consider moving to Spain, have in consideration to change your life routine to adapt it to out siesta time! It will make your life much easier.

    For those foreigner living in Spain, have you ever been affected by our siesta-life style?
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