Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I would like to share with you my ‘adventures’ in Transylvania [or Erdély in Hungarian]. I went first time to Cluj-Napoca [Koloszvár] 24 and 25 October....And to Târgu Mures [Márosvásárhely] and Sighisoara [Szegesvár] from the 7 until 10th November 2009.

Both trips were absolutely improvised. 'I need to get to Transylvania before the bad weather arrives!' So pack my backpack, grab my sleeping bag and jump on the bus going there. No plans, no maps, no accommodation.(I was a little bit fed up with Hospitality Club and Couch Surfing becoming a free hostel lately) Who cares?? I will find something there for sure...
My beginning in Koloszvár was a little bit hard, took me about 5 hours to get from the bus station until the Youth Hostel (I was stupid and excited roaming around that I didn’t bother about taking the good direction. I couldn’t imagine the city would be that big!)Then I found a nice hostel with a very talkative receptionist and we got along very well. But I my mission was other. I need to climb the Székelyko, one legendary mountain that all Hungarian people should climb at least once in their lifes. So completely destroyed about my trip in bus and finding the hostel I tried to get to Torda......No info at all....Even to hitch hike, I didn’t know the direction!
This bus driver didn't let me pay as I was travelling only "duas estazione" Who does that in developed countries?!
I like the cereal boxes without the carton cover!
From Torda  to Buru, surrounded by cows...and the Signal says Remetea[Torockó] 7 kms...It’s 4pm....need to be quick...I was told I would need for than one hour to climb the mountain and the sun will go down soon...Stupid me, she didn’t know in that moment about the different timezone in Romania. It was actually 5pm already!
Walked for 2 km, until one car stopped......One father and his son, 100% Romanian but delighted about my story, decided to become my personal guides and help me in my mision......Amazing people......For me was very funny, 2 Romanians helping me to climb the tradicional Hungarian montain.

I felt me like in the middle of political conflicts, but this time, with a good solutions: Territory doesn’t belong to any country, but to the people, no matter where they come from. I felt that mountain belong to me as well....As I climbed.....As I am Hungarian on heart :D

Trip 2
Again plans, no booking......Hostel in Márosvásárhely has 140 beds......Why should I book?
Oh no, it’s full! How it comes?Hotels were too expensive for me.....I decide to have a look in the city and go to Szegesvár.....I arrived to something called ‘bus station’[autogara] which it was a dark hole with a few chairs and nothing else and the woman of the bar right besides tells me the last one it’s at 21:00pm. It was 20:30...21:00...21:05...21:15...21:30...absolutely any bus (or sign of civilization) in the dark station. I asked again the woman...
Oh kurvá......My face like this :( and the woman though that I was lost in translation not understanding Romanian, so she called the receptionist of the hotel besides the bus station to explain me in English.........and he made me a few question of my life, where do I come from, what took me to
Târgu Mure...and my plans for tonight.
-I will just hang out in the city, drink some beers and taking the first bus to Sighisoara at 5am.
- Are you crazy? It’s dark and cold and you are a lonely foreign girl! Something could happen to you!!!
-Really? (Romanian seem to be for me so nice people!) Don’t worry I had done this many times, nothing will happen, I am all right, I can take care of myself.
-Well, if it doesn’t bother you, I will call my wife and send you home. You can sleep there. But I am sorry, I have a 3 weeks-old baby, she’s always crying, I hope it doesn’t bother you....
(Wow!! How could he be so nice to send me to his house after talking 5 minutes with me? And thinking I will be bothered by the cry of a lovely baby!?)

The Hungarian receptionist was incredible nice, send me to his house by taxi. There the wife was waiting for me.....She took me inside...And I saw one of the most incredible scenes of my life.....The 9 year-old daughter holding a beautiful baby like a little mother.....I almost cry.....both were so sweet!!
The mother was a little bit sad....
-Sorry but only husband speaks English.
-Nem problema!! Én beszélek magyarul!!
After the initial surprise, and shy situation, I found myself talking in Hungarian with the wife and the daughter ‘fluently’! (by fluently I mean with hundreds mistakes per word but I could understand what they were telling to me!! Or asking! And making myself understand as well! I was able to tell them my life past, my trips, my future plans...I amazed myself, as always!)
In the morning the father join us as well......But Lilla the older daughter was already delighted with me and begging me:

- Please, come back on Monday with us! (How can I resist to so intelligent and sweet girl?)
And the father was so nice that borrow me the cellphone of Lilla to be reachable all the time and using if I had an emergency in Romania! What did I do to deserve so nice people to take care of me? They gave me a lift to the bus station and I went to Sighisoara.
Then exploring the medieval city and climbing another mountain...I realise how much I like Transylvania and I feel me so sorry, that young people have to leave this peaceful place to go to West Europe to be treated like cheap slaves or prostitutes when I received from them anything except kindness and love.....Back to my Transylvanian family (they are my family now!) I could feel like they really love and appreciate me. They don’t have much, but they share all they have with me. Lilla told me.
I understood something about a shower....
-Igen, késöbb... (yes, later)
Before I realise Attila had prepared a lovely bath full of hot water and essences for me.....FOR ME!!!
I bought some chocolate for the kids. Now, little Attila, the 3-years-old son join us. I told him:
-Puszi vagy csoki! (Give me a kiss if you want the chocolate)

 And he came and gave me back the chocolate!!! :P

And what else can I tell you about this magic place and its lovely people...Come and discover by yourself!!!!! Alone or in company, Transylvania is a magic place who really deserve to be discovered step by step. Find here more photos about Transilvania.


Nick O. said...

Noelia, now that sounds like an adventure! Good job! I'm glad to hear that you're still exploring the world, and staying safe.

I've been to Cluj and Transylvania as well. I understand what you mean about the friendliness of the people. I experienced this too.

quererysipoder said...

I will never stop exploring the world!! At least, until my angel stop protecting me and giving me so nice adventures!:D

So you have been there.Cool. Do you have maybe the link of your own story to read it? I can't remember if I did it once. But now I will enjoy it more^^
What are you doing this Christmas? Back to Memphis? I will be in Spain!! Come now!

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