Friday, May 4, 2012

Goodbye 25...Welcome 26!

A new year of life starts for me, however I want to write down what I had accomplished last year and where I had been…what it is new in my life…

This year I had been in: Panama Canal; Puntarenas (Costa Rica); Puerto Queztal (Guatemala); Cabo San Lucas y Acapulco (Mexico); San Francisco, Astoria, Seattle and Alaska for 2 months; Victoria, Nanaimo and Vancouver (Canada), La Valette (Malta), Santorini, Crete y Mykonos (Greece);Livorno, Venice,La Spezia, Naples, Civitavecchia (Italy), Kotor (Montenegro), Tunisia (Tunes); Villefrance, Cannes (France); Bohol, Cebu, Siquijor, Dumaguete, Palawan, Boracay, Oriental Mindoro and Manila (Philippines),Barcelona, Madrid, Tarifa, Granada (Spain). This is what it comes to my mind suddenly…

March- July: Fight against a corrupted manager who tried to destroy my self-esteem in the honor of the company…And still fighting to bring to self-esteem back to me.

May- July: The peacefully Alaska is a nice place to stay, walk around, go and eat some fudge in Ketchikan, some Latino food in Juneau and spot some bambis and whales in Hoonah but it’s better to have someone to play cards with when the weather is bad or someone who plays piano for you.

July: Difficulties and bad feelings that can hurt, they can be turned into fantastic opportunities to meet my amazing friends and even meet new more!! Thanks Martina, Jackie and Michaela for coming to visit me in Vancouver!

Europe is always Europe and a moving is a traumatically situation, especially when is for no more than a month. Enjoy the new classy lifestyle as it might be the last time on board. No time to rest. To many great people, parties and destinations. Oh Noelia! You are lost again!

End of August-September: Freedom again but it’s a short layover. Another exciting adventure is waiting for me!

September-November: Philippines. Whatever you were thinking about them, it will change as soon as you step over any of their 7107 paradisiac islands. You can love the Philippines, but you might hate them as well. So many disparities but the nicest inhabitants of the world. Learned how to cut mangoes, taught “chicken dance” to children, how to survive without electricity after 6pm, how to flush a toilet Filipino style, became the queen of karaoke with my “Bakit ngayo kalan”, travelled by jeepney, tricycle; learned how to drive a motorbike; ate kinilaw and buko juice every day and dare to try balut(and survived),not to freak out when cockroaches invade my personal space, the power of the hypnosis, how to fight against a government corruption and the most important, learn about the fascinating world underwater and became a natural (and passionate) diver.

Back home, with Christmas and all this familiar parties, I had an amazing time with my Sarmara and Capoeira friends. 2 months passed by without even realized!

February: Back to England, after 3 years not even stepping into an airport. Love and hate as well. London is exactly as I remembered, well, less intimidated! Having to look after such a demanding person is not such an easy task. Time is passing so quick, that I became a permanent resident without even realizing. A horrible sickness is taking my sleep out…CS offers me so great parties, POF gave me a birthday present 3 weeks in advance and the ducks of Greenland Docks smile to me every time I pass by. They want me to stay as I feed them with nice bread. But they know too…Many changes are coming, as usually…And another chapter of my life just close, in order to open the next one.

Dear 26s…I don’t know what you had prepared for me…Will I be happy this time? Where will I travel? Will I finally stop being so cheeky girl and settle down for a while? How many strange stories will I tell you? Will I live longer to write 27s chapter?

So many questions. Only one way to know.

Carpe diem

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