Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Bucket list

This list keeps updating up to time. So far you can see:

1.- Huge a Koala ( One of my childhood dreams made true on 17th of February 2013 in Lone Pine Koala Santuary in Brisbane)

2.- Learn how to play an instrument

3.- Do one year exchange in a foreign University (done one year in Germany)

4.- Become a dive instructor (currently Rescue Diver!)

5.- Dive in all 6 continents 3/6
6.- Swimming with dolphins, turtles, clown fish,mantas, hammersmith and sharks.

7.- Work as a flight attendant (done this for 1 year and 4 days)

8.- Work in a cruise ship (done for 2 years)

9.-    Work in the UN, EU or a huge government organization.
10.-  Become a chef.
11.- Learning how to speak fluently English, German, Italian, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese & Arabic.

12.- Manage a multinational enterprise with huge profit
13.- Manage an orphanate/school in a developing country
14.- Run my own business (ecological friendly, of course)
15.- Understand the stock market and make profit of it!!
16.- Publish a book (or an ebook)
17.- Own a eco-farm
18.- Build a house with my own hands
19.- Get a street with my name ( Extra points if it’s a square, avenue or even a city!!!)
20.- Visit all EU countries 20/27
21.- Visit all the countries of the world 62/191
22.- Make my own Santiago’s path with the bike (coming soon!)
23.- Travel solo in India for a few months.
24.- Buy a caravan and travel/live for a while.
25.- Being able to hunt, cook and survive in the jungle.
26.- Become a travel/war journalist.
27.- Get a diplomatic passport.
28.- Get one of my photos used in a book or travel guide.

29.- Save someone’s life
30.- Master the hypnosis and use it to help people
31.- Learn how to make hand-made cosmetics, soap and candle
32.- Make my own alcohol
33.- Make an art craft and sell it like “art nouveau”
34.- Run an attractive and profitable travel blog
35.- Stop people being brainwashing through the religion.



FootballClubofRiverside said...

The list is quite comprehensive, are you going to achieve all that in this life time?

Noelfy said...

Of course!! And I keep adding more and more!

-l said...

wow! the way you roll, you'll've completed this list by 50!

Mauricio Catalinas said...

Number 26 (Become a travel journalist) is already achieved.

Your blog entries are truly newspaper articles

Noelfy said...

Thanks guys!
@-l I don't intend to finish ever this list, I keep adding more and more entries :D

@Mauricio: Thanks so much! Still on my way, but thanks for the support. A part from traveling, I want to be the ear of the people in another countries, to make them realize about other cultures!

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