Friday, September 18, 2009

My personal reasons to move to Budapest

One of the other questions I was asked everyday is

What are you doing in budapest?

More or less average of 20 times per day.

At the beginning the poor inocent who asked me that was forced to listen a whole discurse about the 85723895 of reasons who took me here. Short version

‘I came here for visit when I was an Erasmus Student in Germany and I felt in love with the city, the cool atmosphere, the language and i told to myself that I have to come back to find the artistic Noelia here. I wanna find a nice job here and stay for long time!...’

My discurse and motivation started to decrease when I was spending time here......After repeating the same discurse many time, even myself I couldn’t believe anymore

Nowadays they keep asking me. My answer use to be ‘nem tudom’ (I don’t know what the fuck I am doing here)

About Hungary and Hungarians........I could write a long post and maybe I will do once, when I leave this country and I can organize my mind....

But I learn many things here......and not only children’s songs :o) I will try to make a short list:

  • How to survive in a country where I don’t speak the language (it was the same in Germany and even worse, because i didn’t know English at that time, but I was student and protected by the I had to defeat myself against the jugle)

  • It is possible (and cool) to party everynight

  • Do not trust anyone who looks sweet and realiable. They are the worst one, because they are easily trustable.

  • Nothing is sure in any bussiness until you are not there.

  • The most unexpected night you can meet people who change your life

  • There is art inside of me, I just don’t know how to express it yet

  • I am not cut out for routinary daily jobs M-F 9-18. I learned the lessons and I won’t apply until I become a real ‘adult’.

  • Things about how to create blogs, Page ranks, labels in website and other stuffs I never listen in my life

  • Not everyone can be a teacher of their own native language, you are require to be a real tutor for that or you will suffer as well.

    And many many more, I will keep remembering!

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