Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My First Month Working in a Cruise Ship

In which ships have you been before?

I am widely surprised, that after snooping my name-tag (where you can read the name, position and country from the seaman) I am always asked this question. Everyone seems to be here since ever.

Everything is going wonderful so far. Around me there are amazing people, really friendly and helpful. I am always lost in this labyrinth of decks but before that happen, there is always someone who comes to help me. Everyone helps each other, wishing you good morning, to have a nice day, opening the doors for you and wishing to have more time off to talk about your life and previous experience. When something is missing or unknowns for me, there is always someone willing to help me. Or up for some drinks in the bar. Or just looking forward to walk with me around the next port of call or island. Amazing.

My job is basically the same as a receptionist so far, but taking care of international guests(who are the guests who don't speak English). Right now I am basically learning how to survive, but it’s really fun and interesting to follow up our guests’ life and updating every day.

Food here is delicious, either in the Officer or Crew mess and we are also allowed to eat in the Guests restaurants! Yesterday Caribbean menu, one of the best grilled fished I ever tried, followed for tropical fruit. Before yesterday, lambs in sticks, funghi risotto, crepes, homemade ice cream, salads…Sushi, one of the most delicious ever tried. Of course, I quickly became friend of the sushi maker and now he rolls it especially for me.

But not everything is a pink world on board. I had two internal fears before I came here:

1) Being given so much work per day that doesn't allow me to visit all the magic places we are travelling into: WRONG. We are scheduled no more than 8 hours per day. And by law, not allowed to do over hour by risking getting a written warning by the Manager. And as usually, I am very lucky. As I work for the passengers, when there are not passenger on board, I don’t have to be here! So most of the time I am rostered to be off from 12pm to 6pm…when we are docked :D

2) To have as a roommate an old Philippine lady who barely speaks English and being piss off about doing funny things. WRONG, my roommate is a beautiful and lovely 25 years old British girl whom I get very well along, pity that due to different schedule (she works in the activity team)we don’t have much time to do things together.

Until today, 6th day of the cruise, I have been ashore 3 times:

· St. Johns in US Virgin Islands, typical Caribbean postcard, colorful houses, natives sleeping siestas and cocks happily in the streets, long palms, blue sea.

· Marigot in St. Marteen, half French and half dutch, lovely island, but maybe too much shopping area and too much European, specially the Dutch coast.

· Basseterre in St. Kitts, maybe the one I less enjoyed because I couldn't jump on the sea, I didn't have much time and wanted some coffee deeply (Is there any tasteful coffee in Caribbean countries, please?) but they just offered me cocktails and beers. Everything dangerous cheap. Again, it’s very funny to walk around the port and being recognized by crew and guests around.

And much more coming up!!!!!!!!!!!! :D I’m so happy!

Hugging Marcel in St. Kitts...Why did I close my eyes? :(

I wrote that long time ago...........I am already one month on the ship. Everything is fine, but I start to miss my freedom. To be able to go anywhere, any time, say what I think and what I feel. Not to pretend I am perfect 24 hours. A real hug from someone who really loves me not from someone who just wanna get me like an object. Beaches are great and I am getting in touch with Caribbean flavour. I would like to share with you some of my photos. Internet is the only things who is still shitty in Caribbean. 
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