Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Working abroad II: Volunteer is a nice thing to do

Since many year I want to become a volunteer and do something to change the world....Diving into the internet, there is many charities that will bring you on site, of course after paying the correspondent fee.
Fee might be important for the develop of the communities you are helping, but in my opinion is a little bit too much! I understand you have to pay for your flight tickets but...anyway, that's what I found doing my research:

Very interactive website and very well organized everything...They charge you 1990GBP for any placement, no matter if it's in Malawi or Japan...If you budget between 3000-4000, you can spend your 7months- 1 gap year working as a volunteer! Inconvenient, you have to book very well in advance,  more than 6 months

At least, in my opinion, website look very well keep and they don't look so dodgy.
Tons of projects per weeks, I like the fundraising part.

I found teach English 3months in Cambodia for 800GBP quite interesting, it doesnt look overprices as included acco and food...You even have the option to arrange your own living, then you only pay 150GBP! Interesting, will check in the future!
The project of Iceland seems quite interesting too! Only 380gbp (plus flight, but there is low cost from London Stansted at around 200 quids) and you will enjoy 2 weeks of living in a nature park helping to repair bridges, trails and so on... COOL!

This company provide marine conservation projects (and they even pay for it sometimes...) Amazing destinations as Fiji, Tanzania or Madagascar:

This is what I found so far...

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