Friday, August 17, 2012

Working in cruise ships I: Recruitment

I got this question asked hundred of times:

-I want to work in a cruise ship!

Disclaimer: I will try to tell everything from my point of view as much objective as possible. You must have in consideration that everything depends from the country you are living and the passport you are holding and obviously of the company you are applying to work for.

Entering in Miami.

The recruitment process is a little bit hard....Cruise companies got thousands CV per day per internet and they don't have time to look into it. That's why they have job agencies (know as Hiring partners) working for them ashore to recruit people.

Unfortunately we do not have any of this agencies in Spain.I heard about one in Bilbao but I don't have any contact there...I know there are some in UK and for sure in Europe...I got my job when I was living in Budapest...

So you go to one of these agencies and hand your CV and they will look into positions that you fit with your experience (let's say, You worked many years as a waiter or you have very good customer skills or speak Russian, so you could go to Customer Services, or if you love to work with children so you could be Youth staff, or if you want to do excursions Shore Excursions staff. Even if you don’t have previous experience they will train you in everything as long as you have the right attitude). And once they have a few position that you might be interested, they will look into the cruise company and see what are they needing    ( For example, they need 400 cleaners for Disney cruises, so they will send the request to the recruitment partner agencies....)

It a little bit complicated, that why you need to get in touch with one of them and they will assist you, even they can do the interview through Skype so you don't have to go there…It's not impossible to do it all online but it is really complicated and it can be frustrating. And also have in consideration that the cruise lines PAY the hiring partners, so no extra payment is expected from you, unless the Hiring partner is not very reliable (which you will not known until you got the final offer from the cruise ship and they will ask you for money in order to send you the contract. And you cannot contact the cruise line on your own as they called you from private number)

My advice is first to have a look into the positions and try to make a list of the one you like more or you think you could be eligible to work for.

And of course, If you have any question, do not hesitate to write in the comments!

Good Luck everyone! Happy sailings!

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