Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swimming with dolphins


I was extremely lucky, due to my job in a cruise ship, to escort one tour bringing our guests to swimming with dolphins!

The cost was extremely high in my opinion but everything is supposed to go to the conservation habitat of this wonderful marine animals. I wonder how much from this money goes to capture new dolphin for the dolphinarium. Of course, there is always negative points in everything. Here you can read more.

A part from the negative stuff, swimming with dolphins was an amazing experience. They are such a lovely and intelligent creatures, each of them with their own personality (there was one very naughty, which enjoyed splitting water to out guests!)

The one I went it was Dolphinaris in Cozumel, Mexico, but there is many of them spread around the world.

Here you have some photos of my experience! Enjoy!

Just a nose kiss, I am shy!


Hey, you are going far too quick, dolphin!
The best dance patner ever!
They are so soft and sweet!
My baby!

 By the way, can you guess which model was chosen to promote this "dolphin swim tour"?

 Have you ever swam with dolphins? how was your experience?

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