Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working in cruise ships II: Food on board

Today I would like to share with you a few secrets about the food eaten and prepared in cruise ships industry.

The Galley is one of the most important parts inside the Hotel department. They have very strict hierarchy over there:

  1. Utility Galley: It is the guy en charge in cleaning the mess that the other are creating when cooking. It's the lower bottom position and anyone could access to it, even without a previous experience in cruise ships.
  2. 4th Cook: Also divided by Pastry, Vegetable, Meet and so, responsible to prepare easy meals, chop the onions, cook the burgers on the pool grill and so
  3. Sous-chef: Last responsible for the food preparation, especially at dinner time. Between 4th Cook and sous-chef there is a few more ranks over there.
  4. Executive Chef: the big boss of the kitchen. But you won't find him/her in the kitchen, but socializing and interacting with guest in the numerous culinary events on board.

Fruit carving in cruise ships

The good thing of cruise ship is that they always move around. Once in Caribbean, fresh fishes are brought on board everyday. From Croatia and Balkans countries we always carry very fresh berries and  fruits. Executive Chefs go ashore and make sure of the quality of the product. But most of the supplies are brought on board on the embarkation day exclusively, due to customs and regulations.

You might be surprise about the huge quantity of food on cruise ship restaurant, right? But do not forget, out of your range there is also the crew messes, sometimes 2 or 3 of them, to supply with different menus!

And some cookies!

Because I can't choose only one. Dessert tasting!

What happened with the food that has not been eaten? What is not eaten by the guests, it is dramatically thrown away straight away! only in certain cases, like pastries, canapes or sushi, when it is safe, untouched and they are still in good conditions, they might be brought for the crew...Whatever is not eaten by the crew is also thrown can imagine how many tons of food wasted everyday.  Deck 0 you can find the incinerator where everything is burnt to reduce the waste and cans and paper are recycled in the next available port, but many waste!

Anyway, food on board is first class always cooked by the chefs of the world. Here some samples:

Even burgers look better when cooked on board!

Banana cake

Duck à l'orange

Have you ever cruised? How was your culinary experience?
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