Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fruit picking around the world

Yesterday, before hosting BBQ, I took my friend Mariko from Hong Kong to pick up fruits in a forest close to Canada Water. It took her 2 minutes to get the excitement about picking up fruit.

 Every piece and finding more bushes is a good and healthy challenge!


 Am I that weird? picking up wild fruit instead to go to the supermarket and buy? But what about the excitement of doing it?

 All my life I have been wandering around the forest and supplying myself  with fruit. In Germany it was really easy, I had my apple, pear and plums trees ready to collect. Once I took 10kg (my bike basket completely full) of plums...What to do? Well, it looked amazing as a present for my friends!

Homemade plums jam for my Japanese friends!
 Also England gave me tons of fruits. Once I picked 96 apples from 4 trees (Again, my bike basked and backpack completely full. And 4 apples felt from the basket!)What do to with so many apples?

My treasure
 Apart from giving apples to all my friends, there are many good ideas to do:

Apple Jam

Apple crepes

Apfelschips (apple chips) Danke, Mareike!

Picking up plums and friends forever with Jackie in Hungary

Discovering new tiny friends!!

 And what about waking up in a tropical island and going down to the beach and pick up a just fallen coconut for breakfast?

I think I can see my breakfast! It just falls!

 I am coming soon, blackberries...;)

Am I the only crazy blogger around that collect her own fruit?


Roamingtheworld said...

Yummy yummy. I love fruit picking! It's been a long time since I've collected berries or harvested trees! Enjoy.

Noelfy said...

I knew you love fruit picking!! I remenber our day "picking up" fresh fruit and veggies in Roquetas market!!

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