Monday, August 20, 2012

13 Cooled Pictures about Hubbard Glacier in Alaska

Visiting Alaska is a breathtaking experience...

I can see an iceberg in the distance!

Iceberg getting closer
Do not get scared about the cold feeling of the photos...It wasn't that cold. Average 15-9ºC (59-48ºF). The largest tidewater glacier of North America is located partially in Alaska and Canada. It's one of the most impressive glaciers and fortunately, it's not retreating as the rest of the glaciers. Thus, if it's keep "growing" as now, it will close the seaward entrance with Russel Fiords and it will create a "glacier-lake"!

Do you realize how beautiful the arctic is in a sunny day in summer?

Alaska is unique!

Seamen bringing on board one piece of ice from the glacier

The best (and most probably the only way) to enjoy this glacier is by cruise ships, many companies offer very affordable trips of approximately one week from the end of May until September.And even better, if you work there, you will get the chance to see the glacier once a week!

if you need information about how to book a cheap cruise, check this post!

Have you ever visited Alaska?
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