Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not for "lazi" people

When we arrived to Siquijor, my friend got amazed about this island having a place called "Lazi".

-It's not Lazy, it's Lazi /Lahzee/!

Lazi is situated exactly in the other corner of the island, opposite coast to Siquijor Town Center and Larena, in a path that crosses all the island.

The Island of Lazi

-We should walk across this path!

Maps says that the distant is 16km. It will take us only a few hours...Why not? For sure we will see very interesting stuff going across the jungle!
The beginning of our trip! Ground 0

Amazing views through the jungle!

Still a long way to go

Kids having fun inside the tricycle. Thanks for the jackfruit!

This bull wanted a new facebook profile pic.

I don't do selfie too much, unless there is noone around.


Old trees, full of stories...

Rice fields
Only 4km left to reach Lazi!!

Lessons learned:
-There is not even a food place close by a part from the little shops supplying with sweets. After 9h trip, we ate only rolls, raw onion and some sweet...

-For the Filipinos is unbelievable that you want to walk such a distance...Why? I bet we were the first puti (white people) to do this pilgrimage.

-Distances in Asia are not the same as anywhere else...The important is not the destination but the journey and it was amazing!!!!

Have you ever traveled to a destination just because it has a curious name??

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