Monday, August 13, 2012

London 2012 Olympic Games

The 2012 London Olympic games had just finished yesterday.

Were they successful?

Due to my high contact with customer around the world, I heard several comments: if the oyster system was very confusing and it was much better in Sydney games where no one has to pay for transport, just hop in the train, if Barcelona was better organized and go on.

But the general feeling...London is empty! Emptier as ever....The million of people expected barely reached 100.000 (the usual at this time of the summer is 300.000) and many businesses complaining of not reaching their target. Another big issue was the empty seats in the games.

Have you ever seen Piccadilly Circus that empty?

Learn more about with this link (Spanish)

Anyway, the atmosphere was great, in a fantastic half full capacity city!! Curry places in Brick Lane offering 20% off and drinks.

Olympic Park was in my opinion a little bit massive and too much orientated into shopping. I like the Pin Trading center, but they wont even give you a commercial coke pin to start with...2 McDonalds in the Olympic Park was way too much...A part from that, I love the multicolored flower in the park and my friend Nick was more interested in the architecture of the building, which he found more impressive that Barcelona 1992 or Athens 2004.

The guy in red is great! Look at his expression!

If the closing ceremony looked a little bit weird for non-brits, here you have a few clues to understand it:

For an interesting comparative about gold medals per capita from this games.

How did you feel about this games? Anything you would like to add? 


Lauren said...

Thanks for the insight. It's interesting to hear how empty London is... I was thinking it would be difficult ot navigate and move about in the city.

And I had no idea bout the seats. I remember back in February and march friends were emailing me that Spain had Olympic tickets available when other places had none. Interesting... politics at the Olympics!

Noelfy said...

Everyone expected a full city...Afortunately everything was nice and smooth...
ticket was a completely pity, my American friend was checking everyday the official selling website for US and not being able to buy anything until we got the idea to find in Craiglist and buy some unwated tickets from another tourist...Everything last minute, but at least we got the opportunity to visit the Olympic Park!

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