Friday, August 17, 2012

My Top 10 Caribbean beaches

Hard to choose among all of them, any of them has something special that I love. There are not listed in any special order:

1.- Trunk Bay, US Virgin Islands: Official one of the Top 10 beaches of the world, any of the photos I took really reflect this fact. Located inside a natural park, represent one of the best beaches to be in contact with both nature and sea.

2.- Bequia, The Grenadines: Being The Grenadines one of my favorite Caribbean island regarding quality of life, beaches here are also amazing!

3.-Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands : Although I did not have the possibility to visit the famous Little Dix Bay, beaches around the port were also very enjoyable and postcard style ;)

4.-Philipsburg, St. Marteen : very close to the huge tax free shopping area, I did like this beach because of the sport and refreshment offer.

 5.-Shell Beach (aka Crew Beach): It's the closest beach to the tender location, and also the place where the crew member "hide" from the guest, but very lovely beach. If you climb up some colorful steps, you will get awesome views from the beach.

6.- Roatán, Honduras : Again, my photos do not reflect the beauty! One of the best snorkeling ever!

7.- Wild beaches around Castries, Santa Lucia: Far away from the tourist, took a bike and ride on my own...The views were really outstanding. Completely virgin beaches over there!

8.- Caneel Bay, USVI : Another gem, in this case with touristic resort surrounding, still with a really clear and pure water!

 9.- La Gousier, Guadaloupe: For only 1€ in local bus, you can reach this lovely beach in the charmed French Guadaloupe.

10.- Cozumel: Hard to choose one, I would rather choose the whole island!

Naked Beach: Why noone is nude?? :D

If I get lost, look for me in any of this beaches!

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Boem said...

All are wonderful! I don't know which choose!! Kisses and thanks for your advices :)

Noelfy said...

Thanks for your comment, dear Boem...Yeah, it's hard to choose, but believe me, my photos do not justify their beauty!

crazy sexy fun traveler said...

All of the beaches look like paradise! I visited only Cozumel out of those all and will try to go to Roatan in the next few months when visiting Honduras :)

Noelfy said...

They are really amazing! I just regret I am not a good photographer to catch all the magic!
When are you going to Honduras, Alex?

John Decker said...

The only beach I have been to on this list is Trunk Bay in the US Virgin Islands. Even though we stayed on St. John, we made the trip over to see it. There are some beaches that I loved that are not on this list as well. For example Montezuma, Manuel Antonio, and south of Limon. There were so beautiful and all in Costa Rica. I personally liked a lot of beaches in Costa Rica because they have such nice places to stay. Costa Rica Vacation Rentals are some of the best in the world because they are right on the beach. Also you are in walking distance to some of the nicest beaches in the world.

Noelfy said...

Hello John! You won't find that beaches in the list because I haven't been there yet :) I only been in Punta Arenas in Costa Rica, but it wasn't that impressive. There is a link exchange section if you want to add your link there!
Thanks for commenting!

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