Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day Trip to Southampton

Southampton (also known as the Gateway of the Empire) is situated 75 miles (121km) from London. It's not a very touristic city but it has lots to offer. You will find the usual shop as Primark, TK-Max, IKEA, Tesco Home or Starbucks, Costa Café, Pumkin...It's also one of the major gateways if you are embarking to a cruise ship from the UK.

There is a free shuttle provided by CityLink that departs from the train station and has several stops as the malls, the church and both cruise ships terminals.

What to visit in Southampton
Holyrood Church, one of the original 5 churches in Southampton, located close to the port with a with historical recordings remembering the fatality of Titanic, sailing from Southampton 100 years ago.

For the Shopaholic, there is 2 big shopping mall: WestQuay and the Mall.

The main street, full of shops before mentioned and a piece of the old wall that surrounded the city.

How to get to Southampton
If you are travelling to Southampton in advance, the best and cheap way to travel is booking a Megabus ticket (but you will be travelling with the train!). If you are lucky enough, you can travel for 2GBP one way!!.

National Express also offers cheap tickets at approximately 16GBP but remember to book in advance! If you do the day ofter it increases up to 32GBP!

Another good way to travel in the UK, if you are a group of people, it is getting a Group Saver. Many of the train companies offer this tickets, in which 3 or 4 people can travel for the price of 2!


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