Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How to avoid to pay the supplement at Madrid airport

I recently passed through Madrid airport, one night lay over. When I approach the ticket vending machine...surprise!! 4,5€ just to travel 5 stations?? Are you serious?? What are they doing with Spañistan?

But that is another long post. To avoid paying abusive airport supplement, follow this advice:

As stated in the map, Madrid Barajas T1, T2, T3 and T4 are separated by Barajas city metro stop. Not everyone is aware, that Barajas city is situated into a walkable distance! (especially is you are carrying no luggage)

I usually take this route, as soon as you get out of the underground, walk through Calle de Jupiter down the street until you start to face airport building, then is difficult to get lost.

However, today I investigated a different route, it looked safer and actually shorter than I though (only 18 minutes)
Just be careful that a short path (close to Camino del Cuartel roundabout) is not pedestrian so keep an eye on the cars!

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

How to access the walkable route coming out the airport:
1.- If you are landing into T4, you will have to take the shuttle bus into terminal 2
2.- No matter which terminal are you landing, just walk to the T1,T2,T3 metro (situated at T2)

3.- Do not enter into the underground, take the right path through the parking area.
This is the parking area next to the underground

4.- Go straight away, this is the first floor of the parking area.
5.- You will see the famous blue bridge.

6.- Walk through the bridge, other side of the bridge there is the parking area for employees.

After a few minutes you will be already in Barajas town. Easy peasy. Just bear in mind there is not pedestrian path for 1 minutes once you are getting close to Camino del Cuartel. The walk is about 20 minutes. And without paying that abusive 3 € senseless supplement!!

If you have any suggestion, please do let me know in the comments. If you like the idea, please do not forget to share / split with other people through the social networks.


Viri said...

If you have to sleep there just take the last metro and you will find open gates, no need to insert the ticket. At least that's how it worked back in 2008.

Mauricio Catalinas said...

y cuanto tiempo tardas en hacer todo el camino para llegar a la T-4?

Noelfy said...

Nunca he volado a la T4, solo para vuelos en conexion. Igualmente tendras que tomar el Shuttle hasta la T2 y desde alli seguir la rutilla. No se que frecuencia tienen los shuttle, imagino que cada 5- 10 minutos. Y si no te pierdes desde Barajas Pueblo a la terminal 2, no deberias de tardar más de 20 minutos.

AntonioGM said...

I have just seen this article. This "blue bridge" path is useful for taking N4 night bus to Cibeles on Avda. Logroño if you are arriving when Metro is closed.

The best option to avoid the supplement is to take Bus 200 to Avda. America. It is quite fast and realible (and you can take it on T-4 also).

If you don't want to pay a Bus-Metro transfer, the best way is to take the free shuttle to "Dique Sur", southern end of T1. From this stop, there is a 10' easy walk to Alameda de Osuna metro station.

Noelfy said...

A very good advice! Gracias Antonio!

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