Friday, November 9, 2012

Bokombaev First Impressions

This place really proves me that the impression we have about one place is depending about the weather, the food and the people you meet there. Monuments are only decoration.

My arrival to Bokombaev will also mean to say goodbye to my beloved Shiho. It’s again me alone in this strange but fascinating country.

I went to this city recommended by the CBT of Karakol because they have very good horse trekking here. In Karakol the prices were approximately 120c per hour or 650c per day. Here they were asking me 2250c because it was off peak season??? (Apparently, in Kyrgyzstan outside the touristic season July-September all the prices for the touristic things increase! With prices that can scare even the European!)
My friends did the same tour for 700c one month ago (it was still September). I refused to pay more than 1000c for 2-3h with the horses. 

It was already 1pm so they say it was too late for doing the trekking(why not? It’s so beautiful and shiny now!!). I walked around the city, 10 minutes later I already seen everything. A part from a few shops, one bazaar, 3 banks and 2 monuments, the mosque and one internet café that was closed, there was not much to see in Bokombaev.
The butcher
Dangers and annoyances

If it is Sunday after 6pm, this is a gosh village. I haven’t had any food since breakfast and no place to have some noodles. I ended up buying junk food in a magazin. :( 
The condition of the streets are very poor.
A very nice hole to step inside, especially at night. The flashlight is your best friend here!

There are still flies and mosquitoes? It’s nearly winter I guess the Issyk-Kol lake has something to do with this.

Have you ever visited Issyk-Kul province??
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