Tuesday, October 23, 2012

First Impressions about Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz flag
 A little bit more than 24 hours and I am already in love with Kyrgyzstan. I don’t know why, but developing countries always give me the feeling that I am at home, that I am useful and that there are many things I can do to help them or teach them. That my only presence there is a joy for them. But it’s them, the Kyrgyz people; the one who are teaching me and giving me happiness. Always smiling, willing to learn, to make me laugh, to share everything they have.

The lovely Ak-suu village

Ak-suu and Karakol are located nort east of the country. See black arrow.

Today in Ak-suu, a village close to Karakol, we visited 2 families. In the first one we are welcomed by the mum, with her hands full of flour. She is homemaking noodles, the one we are going to eat for lunch. Bread is homemade. Jam. Cookies. The sheep fat on the soup belongs to one of their sheep. Even the milk we are drinking with the tea belongs to her cow that she was milking in the early morning. They don’t have a shower at home and the toilet is outside with the cows but is there any more richer people than them?

Mum is making noodles for us

After lunch, with our bellies full, we went to Japanese Dancing lessons. The children (all girls) looked to me with curiosity. The one who spoke any English tried with me. After the lesson, one of the girl, Kasiett, invite us for tea at her home. Such a beautiful and intelligent 10 years old girl.

Kyrgyz girls learning traditional Japanese Dance

The older helping the newest one

Again, another wonderful family who gives us EVERYTHING! Father and Mother amused us about her history of how did they get married (of course, bride kidnapping). Cultural exchange: How much does the man pay to the wife family in your country to get married? Will you marry a Kyrgyz man? Yes, but only if I can kidnap him!

Amazing homemade Jams
Yummie apricot jam

They were laughing a lot with me. Again, fresh milk from the neighbour cow (eating in the mountains, you can feel this is probably the best milk ever I tried), homemade bread and 3 delicious jams: strawberry, cherry and apricot. As soon as I say that my favourite one was apricot, I got a 2 kg container to bring home! Even if this is too much!! I thanked the lady but asked for a smaller package. It was too big even for my friend who is leaving Kyrgyzstan in January. We still got a 500gr one…

Kasiett and her brother collecting apples from their tree for us

They insisted us to take some apples home (we already got a few apples and pears from the first family). They sent the children to collect the apples. I knew that they will be back with the full bag of apples. I am really shock with so much generosity and again I declined the huge bag. We still cannot get ride to take home half bag of apples.

How can this people be so generous with two foreign girls?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that awesome posting. Useful, and it saved MUCH time! :-)

Mustachio said...

A beautiful experience :-)

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