Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gatwick Airport Review

Gatwick airport is situated south of London. The cheapest way to reach it (unless you walk;) would be taking a Easybus service (you don’t need to be flying with Easyjet in order to travel with them). The Easybus departs every half an hour from Earls Court/West Brompton at the Bus Stop BB, Lilly Road, in front of Ibis Hotel (You can spot it as soon as you exit the district line).

The price depends of how in advance you book it. From 2£ you can travel! Quite cheap! Having in consideration that a normal bus fare without oyster will set you off 2,35£. If you book it at least the night before, it will cost you around 9,99£. Walk-in passenger are asked 16£ for the same trip (now we can see how is paying the rest when you just pay 2£. It worth to book in advance). The estimated duration of the trip is 1h 15 minutes but can be done in less.

National Express links the airport with Victoria Coach Station and Heathrow airport 

Other possibilities with the train will be First Capital, connecting the airport with Bedford, St. Pancras and London Bridge 4 times an hour. From London Bridge is 9£ one way.

If you need to do any reservation, the airport Concierge is your man.

Gatwick Express departs from Victoria every 15 minutes and the duration of the trip is 30 minutes.
Also Southern connects with Gatwick on its way to Southampton but the journey time is around 50 minutes.
Once in the airport you can find the usual facilities as Costa, Caffè Nero, many money exchange offices. If you need help with your onward trip, or booking any hotel, look for the airport concierge. As cheapest option to eat, you can grab a meal deal from Boots for 3,79£ or 4£ from Mark & Spencer, which surprisingly has a shop in the main entrance with very convenient prices, I would even say cheaper than in the city! (or is it only my impression?)

Once inside, there is plenty of seat to use, and even if you need to overnight here, it won’t be that uncomfortable, as the seat do not have armrest.

The airport was full of animation as a strange guy dressed up for no apparent reason or one of the retail duty free assistant was dressed up in a “flamenco” dress to celebrate the Spanish Week in Gatwick airport (nothing especial, only that extraordinary that week it was several flights from/ to Spain).

Wait a moment! What is that??

Say Hello! You will be in Noelfy Travel Tales soon!!

Spanish Week in Gatwick

In the Duty free, it was free tasting of absolute vodka absolutely for free! ;)

Robert, the Polish Bar Tender preparing the cocktails

In conclusion, not so bad airport, but one of the most important point, internet, nonexistent. There were computers set up at 10p per minute, not bad if you only need to check the email but still nowadays….Free WiFi should be compulsory everywhere!

Which one is your favourite London airport and why?


Ruboncio said...

A la que esta vestida de gitana te podias haber quedao con el nombre ;)

Noelfy said...

Se llama Shirley...Mejor me hubiese quedado con su numero de telefono, ¿no?;)

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