Saturday, October 6, 2012

Working in cruise ships III: Getting connected

Nowadays, being connected is very important. If you are offered a job into a cruise ship, the first things that will come in your mind is : Is there internet on the ship?
Yes, there is. But with exorbitant prices and very slow. Most of you had never had such a slow internet, not even 10 years ago.

Why the internet on the cruise ships is so slow?
Because is not cable, it is provided by satellite.  That’s mean that no matter where on the high seas you are, it will be always internet, unless weather conditions and certain ships location. By satellite transmission means that is also very slow and expensive.
Honestly, with this views, do you really need to get online?

How much does it cost the internet on board?
Expect to pay around 0,30$ per minute if you are crew. Passenger will have their own internet packages with prices around 0,70$ pay as you go. The biggest the package you buy, the less pricey will be the minutes. But this is always depending the cruise line you are sailing with.

Enjoy the crew life without worrying about being online 24/7

Is there WI-Fi available?
Yes, there is. You can connect your devices into the ship WI-FI and use it anywhere in the cruise ships, including your stateroom.

So how does the crew get connected and share all that amazing photos?
Anytime you get at any port of the port, usually at the same port location, there is restaurant offering free WI-FI. And there you will see all the crew member with their laptops and iphone getting connected.  After you visited millions of times Cozumel and done all the excursions, nothing else better as going to NO NAME bar, have some cocktail on the pool while updating your facebook status or sharing your photos on facebook.

And what about calling home?
On every cabin on board there is a phone that you can call cabin to cabin. There is also some phone card that for 10$ or 20$ you get certain good amount of minutes to call home. If you are like me, one phone card is enough for the full contract. Because you can also call home when you are ashore with Skype, Viber or Tango.

Have you been a seaman before and encounter problem contacting home?


Anonymous said...

I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :) …

Noelfy said...

Thank you so much!!
Seaman life was very hard, so I got inspired! :)

Tirun Travel Marketing said...

Nice blog, thanks for sharing useful information.

Noelfy said...

Thank you! I am glad you find it useful!

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