Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My favourite Japanese Food

When people are asked if they like Japanese food, the answer is yes! I love sushi or uhhhhh I hate raw fish....

But Japan is more than sushi....I spent 2 months in Japan and first time I tried sushi it was nearly one month after my arrival. I was completely fascinated with the huge amount of different food and flavours. Sometimes I wasn't sure if what I was eating was fish, meat or vegetable. But so oishi! (tasty)

What Japanese people eat daily

Everyday eateries
Here you can find affordable house made food at very convenient prices and places (Have I mentioned already that eating outside is NOT expensive at all in Japan?)
Every restaurant will be showing their own selection of dishes in plastic outside. If your Japanese is not that fluent, just point to any of them, or take a photo with your new iphone 5 and show the waitress inside.

Especially popular in Osaka area, you will get the vegetable together with the meat of your choice. In your table there is a grill where you can cook yourself your food or the waiter will do for you. Also know popular among the foreigner as the "Japanese pizza" or "Japanese omelette"

Makoto cooking some okonomiyaki for us

Dry octopus
The king of the parties to be eaten as a snacks. It makes also the perfect souvenir to take abroad.
Japanese curry
Sweeter than the other Asian combinations, do not forget to water it with a chill Sapporo beer!

This is quite typical in Asian cuisine and Ramen from Sapporo are quite famous. Some restaurants cook it in massive size, so they provide you with spoon to help your chopsticks! (Remember to make a lot of noises to show your appreciation for the food). A bowl of noodles in any eatery should not set you more than 300¥. Even in posh places, as Nagoya Temple, I ate transparent noodle for less than 3€.

Will I be able to finish this???

The right way to eat: bib and spoon!

The world-know ready meal noodles

Eating in a temple in Nagoya for 250¥!

Transparent noodle

Octopus balls eaten as a snack. Served very hot, so be careful and do not choke as I did! (I don't have any photo as I was eating them before taking the picture!)

Another delicious street snack, it comes usually in sakana (fish) shape and fill with custard cream or miso beans.

In Tokyo Disneyland
Japanese love their green tea and usually in many eateries you can get bottomless green tea with your lunch! In Kyoto is the local flavour and you can find it in many different items as cheesecake, ice creams.

Another regular in Japanese day to day food. They supposed to use it only for the Japanese new year, but it can be found all the year long. It's a rice paste usually eaten with miso powder and sugar with you can find it in different shapes of desserts.
Matcha Mochi

Not as cheap as another Asian countries but baked with delicious sauces! Yummie yummie!

My favorite sweet ever. It's like a bread flavoured with melon and sometimes custard cream, chocolate or whatever inside. Millions of shapes and colours. Available everywhere, every Konbini gets its own brand.

Ok, yes, sushi is also part of the Japanese cuisine, however regular people don't eat it that often because they don't cook at home (unless they have foreigner guests from far away as me). In Osaka you can find many sushi places, where the carousel is turning and some dishes are display. For around 6€, you can have lots of sushi to enjoy.

UPDATE: If you like this article there is another one about Japan that I wrote for Metromarks.com  
Any other curious Japanese food do you think I forget to mention?


Anonymous said...

You make me hungry to eat and travel and eat and travel......

Noelfy said...

That's the purpuose!!! :)

Mustachio said...

Japan! One of the countries I would love to visit! All the food looks delicious. I'm drooling looking at the photos!! :-P~~

Noelfy said...

Yummie yummie!! I felt so "foodsick" that I had to go to food
here in London and got me some melonpan and nato beans!!
You definitely need to visit Japan!
P.s: I also miss queso ensaimada and leche flan!!!

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