Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Souvenirs to bring for your Japanese friends

If you ever travel to Japan, make sure you are aware about the customs there. It is very important to bring a small gift to your friends or any time you are invited to someone else home.

If you are coming from Europe, one of the best gifts is cheese. Dairy products in Japan are quite expensive and not widely available.

1€ for a nail size piece of cheese??

If your Japanese friends had lived for a while in Europe, for sure a good package of coffee will make it. Do not bring any tea as it is widely available here. Japanese love their "matcha" (green tea) and in cities as Kyoto, they use it for everything (ice cream, cheese cake, even kit-kat)

Coffee and fresh milk not widely available. Mochis, they are *_*
Anything Kawaii
Kawaii is a magic word in Japan.- It means cute and they repeat it constantly. Due to the lack of the space in Japan, it's very important that anything you bring is tiny, so they can keep it in the small apartments they live.

Creams, solar creams (not whitening!)
In Asia, the fashion is to be as whiter as possible (exactly the opposite as Western countries, where you show you wealth with your tan colour). If your friend is a expat living in Japan, any kind of face cream, body milk or sun screen will be very welcome as it was impossible for me to find "non whitening stuff" over there.

Anything typical from your country
Japanese love to collect the most unusual objects: Miniatures, fans, postcards

Is there something that you miss in the list? What else will you bring or have your brought to your Japanese friends that they cannot easily get in Japan?

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Galipón said...

Buena lista!

Yo les traje Higos de Extremadura. Sé que les encantan, jajaja.

A mi no me gustan especialmente y preferiría traerles cosas de mi tierra, pero bueno, es lo que hay.

Aunque muchos me pidieron que les trajese un jamón...


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