Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kiev Airport Review

In Kiev airport I spent 2h and 15 minutes while I was waiting for my connecting flight to Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Are these toilets honestly that hard to understand?I saw so many confusions in 2 hours!
As well as their flag carrier, they surprise me with their modern facilities, clean toilets (with funny signs that many people got confused, see photo above) and a large bunch of duty free (but with prices in euros, everything looks the same as in high street over there).

Staff a little bit rude, especially when they discover that you don’t speak Russian, they nearly treat like a dog giving you order with the hand! Hey man! A smile is more effective!
It was funny to see my first Caffè Nero with prices in Ukrainian Hryvnia , or one TGI with not any of their staff smiling at all.

Many people approached to me talking in Russian but when they discover that I don’t understand, they just turn back as if I would have a contagious sickness!! Hey! This make me want to learn more and more!
The best, without doubt, free and good quality internet and European plugs available. With this, I am happy!
But the disadvantages is when you hear LAST CALL for Almaty and when you enter the aircraft and hear Boarding completed! Ups!
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