Thursday, October 18, 2012

Get your fortune told in Japan with the O-Mikugi

Have you ever wonder what does this boxes in all temples and shrines mean?

Try your luck in the O-Mikuji, (おみくじ) the fortune teller!

 How does the O-Mikuji work?

First take one stick out of the box (There is usually a donation of 100¥ suggested) 

It will tell you one number, and open the small drawer with your number.

If you are satisfied with your luck, keep your paper with you. I always got the good fortune (the hardest to get!). Even in one of the Kyoto Shrine, in the love 愛 shrine, I got one telling me that I have a long line of men waiting for my love and I will marry soon!!! How funny! Obviously I hang it on the bad luck stand, just in case it becomes true if I keep it!

What do you do if you get bad luck in  O-Mikuji?
If you are also not satisfied with your luck, there are some places to hang out your bad luck but remember to use your right hand.

If you are not very sure about how to do all the process, ask any of the Japanese surrounding you. They might not speak good English, but they have great patience to help you and will make sure that do you properly!

Also have in consideration, that the right name is Mikuji,みくじ the prefix O- means something honorable like O-Bento(お弁当the lunch box), O-hashi (お箸, the chopstick), O-kane (お金 Money $_$ )

Apart from the traditional way above specify, the Japanese are crazy about the vending machine and they even have the O-Mikuji version!

Have you ever tried O-Mikugi when you were in Japan? Good or bad luck?


Mustachio said...

So this was the "good luck" story you told us. :)

Noelfy said...

One of them, probably. I have many good luck stories ;)

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