Friday, October 26, 2012

Shower and Toilet in Kyrgyzstan

One of the most curious concept in the daily life in Kyrgyzstan is the toilet and shower.
My friend lives in apartment in the center of Karakol but when we went to visit her  host family in a close by village Ak-Suu and I ask her for the toilet, her answer was: “outside, next to the cow”…


I went there and I discover this:

Ok, not so different to the cottage in Finland in the middle of the forest.
But wait, where is the shower??
“There is no shower”. Once a week they go to a place call Sanitarium, similar to Japanese onsen, where they took a bath. But only once a week!
I really loved Japanese onsen, so I asked my friend to bring me to the Kyrgyz style one.

“But don’t expect it to be like the Japanese one”

No worries, I am ready for the worse. The Japanese one were an example of cleanliness inside and very beautiful and well construct. They are usually constructed over a natural sources of hot water.
The Kyrgyz one are artificial and located outside the “big cities”(although in Bishkek they have something similar called Banyo). It consist in a house full of rooms with one bathtub. First they give you an especial soup to clean the bathtub from the previous customers. Use the “brand new” red scratch sponge to clean properly the bathtub. When you feel it is clean enough, use the piece of material to tamper the sink and it’s time to get inside!

The room before to leave the clothes and get naked

We ask the family one, that comes with a shower

Shiho doing her best to clean the bathtub

That little thing to cover the bathtub

I really though that I was gone too far with my desire to experiment the country as the local do. My friend has a shower and a bathtub at her apartment…why should I have visited this sanitarium? Well, one you relax, it is not that bad…I imagine to live without a toilet, shower or water at home and that place looks like a paradise for me. Definitely, an experience that make me appreciate more and more what I have back home.


Mustachio said...

Hmmm... "banyo" in Filipino is bathroom :-)

Noelfy said...

Yes! they use something similar to salamat to say hello! Salamatsurgi!
So I often get confused and used salamat as thank you! :P upss

Anonymous said...

Just as good as your last post. Do you accept advertisers?

Noelfy said...

Maybe, if it something interesting and related to my blog. But not from unknown people ;) Just write to my email and we can discuss it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, appreciate your home and live in Europe. It's the worst blog post about Kyrgyzstan. Thank you for showing bad sides of Kyrgyzstan.

Noelfy said...

Thanks for passing by Anonymous.
But you didn't get the sense of the post. For someone coming from outside this can be a shock.
I DO love Kyrgyzstan and I am planning to come back, regardless of the toilets. You should appreciate your country as it is, Kyrgyzstan is pure and I don't want it to change.

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