Friday, October 12, 2012

Strange things I like from London

There are millions of guides about things to do and visit in London. However, today I will give a vision about weird things I like from London and I will miss when I am abroad:

  • Foxes: They live in many suburb neighborhoods and are amazing. I feel so excited when I see them, but sad at the same time, I can realize this place was their forest a few generations ago and now it’s just a block of houses. Squirrels are among my favorites too!

  • Leaves on the pavement: they look amazing, leafing an impression!!

  • Charities: Quite usually disrespect for the locals, but you can find really bargains there, clothes for 0,50£, books for 0,10£ and every kind of object. And you suppose to support local charities by donating/buying the staff! I think they are outstanding, much better as the one found in Turku, Bratislava and Budapest, which I thought they were amazing until I found the London shops. There are a bunch of them in Dalston Junction. They are really useful for budget traveler in order to get new stuff!

  • Shops with international food: Due to the high amount of immigrants from around the world, they bring their food as well. I am still dreaming with the bengali yogurt!
  • Toilets: Some of them are really old, like museums! Most of them, especially in train stations, they force you to pay. Other around the city also expect your payment, but the lock is usually broken or there is no one to collect the payment.
Photo by Mariko
  • Ride your roller-coaster around the city sky creepers: Not all the transport are underground or double deck buses. Dockland Light Railway, usually operating south-east London, has no driver and if you are lucky enough, you will feel as if riding your own roller-coaster, especially in Canary Wharf area. Fun Fun Fun.
  • English Breakfast: I used to hate it and never eat it before 12:00pm as my stomach could collapse if so. Now I do appreciate more and more the greasy and unhealthy English Breakfast. My favorite items are liver, bacon and mushrooms.
What are the things that you most miss from London?


Anonymous said...

Never thought blogging could be soo fun and interesting. Man you know how to do it brother.

Ruboncio said...

I think she's a girl :!

Noelfy said...

Yes, I am a girl, even if I don't behave as a such :P

Franca said...

I lived in the UK for almost 7 years before start traveling long term and seeing squirrels roaming free is one of my favorite things too. :)

Noelfy said...

Ciao Franca e benvenuta!
I scoiattoli sono propio belli!! Mi piacono da impazzire!! <3

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