Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ukraine Airlines Review

Due to my previous life as a Flight Stewardess I can't avoid comparing one airline to another. Today I flown from London Gatwick to Kiev Boryspol with Ukraine Airlines.

Much better than I expected!

In the Check-in, the staff was so concern about my backpack that they send me to Oversize Baggage to make sure that it won't make its way to Las Vegas or Tripoli without me. Backpacks usually got trapped due to the handles but I really like this treatment! No one ever care about the backpackers!

Then inside the plane, the cabin crew were very nice, especially the junior one, very smiley. They serve some food that I thought that it was fish and when I ate it...I discovered it was chicken but it was tasty so no complain!
The Fish-Chicken menu London-Kiev

Panorama the inflight magazine was also quite good. I've been lately use to the commercial magazines with self promotion as Easyjet or Ryanair, so been able to read something (and entertain myself translating the Cyrillic alphabet!
Hey! This chips are not that cheap!

Well, I should not be able to review very well the first flight as from 3 hours flight I slept 2 and a half!

In the second flight, the quality of the aircraft was much older but I was lucky enough to be alone in my row and even got a special passenger seating next to me in the ABC row!!

Little Yorkie traveling from Kiev to Almaty with her Ukrainian Paris Hilton mum.

Food was slightly better, with this kind of “kasia” rice (whoever knows the name please correct me, I just know that in Polish it is called Kasia). No magazine this time in my row, but got full quality entertainment on board with my sweet neighbor!

  A part from the flight, when I called the Customer Service in London regarding my visa problem, they were quite helpful and changed my flight for one 2 weeks later for a 60GBP fee. In total both flight cost 240GBP + the extra 60GBP to rebook it. Not that bad for 3+5 hours of flight!

Have you ever flown with Ukraine Airlines and have some feedback to add?
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