Saturday, November 17, 2012

Accommodation in Bokombaev

As accommodation in Bokombaev I can only recommend Clara Guesthouse.
Breakfast at Clara's

Even if when I came to the guesthouse and the landlady wasn’t back yet and together with the CBT guy we have to jump the wall!
The entrance wall that is closed when she is not at home

No one there so I could explore it on my own. Clara Guesthouse is quite comfortable guesthouse located right behind the bus stop, at the same street of the mosque. They live separate from the hosting building. There you can find 3 rooms, 2 three-bedrooms and 1 four-bedrooms, all with their own keys. One huge fridge is provided. But the best, without doubt, is the bathroom: European style toilet and a Jacuzzi shower, the most modern ever seen in my life: lights, music, hot springs everywhere, massage for the feet and even telephone! I had to ask for help to Clara to figure it out how it works.
I will definitely recommend Clara Guesthouse. A part from being the only accommodation in Bokombaev, it was quite cheap (500soms, breakfast inclusive) and good quality.


One of the bedrooms

The fanciest shower ever

European toilet!! Yes! 

If you want to book it in advance, get in touch with CBT in Bokombaev and they will do the arrangement for you.Coordinator: +996(777)453945 or the guy who assists them when they are out Kyba(speaks limited English) :0777869728.

Read about the village of  Bokombaev and activities to do here.


Mustachio said...

Jump the wall! Oh my! You probably looked like a bandit that time hehehe just kidding :-)

Noelfy said...

Well, not very different of what I usually do!! Lol ;)

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