Sunday, November 4, 2012

Activities in Bokombaev

We already spoke about my arrival in Bokombaev. Find some ideas about activities to do in Bokombaev:

Bokombaev is known for the Eagle hunting (as Lonely Planet remarks, it means hunting with eagles, not hunting eagles!) and another hunting activities. Some families in the village own eagles and the will show you the performance  of the eagle when hunting a bunny or a fox. This shows can be arranged for around 2500soms.
The eagle hunter (3 months old baby! Scary!)
The mother of the other eagle

"If you close your eyes I close my eyes too"

Smile! You will be featuring soon Noelfy Travel Tales!

Another hunter, this one puppy face style

Horse trekking is also a lovely activity. Mr.Bakyt speaks quite good English and it’s a lovely gentleman. He can take you up to the mountain for a panorama view of the lake and village. His office is located right next to the mosque, in the same street than Clara’s Guesthouse.

You will never find a street in Kyrgyzstan by the name but by indications!

Phone number are 0543901352 and 0773106529. Bakyt has also many touristic project going on for the very next future, so it’s worth checking with him.
The horse looks like...I am too heavy for him!

A little bit of snow to draw the landscape

Amazing Kyrgyz nature

My horse behaved really well! Kiss!
Issyk-Kol Lake
This huge never-ending lake is easy to reach by Minivan (take any of the one going to Karakol) or shared taxi to the closed village Toц /Ton/.(no idea about prices as the family of the eagles recognized when I was going to the bus stop and gave me a lift). A beautiful beach there where still you can see fishermen and party people. It’s a pity the condition of the beach, with many bottles of vodka who no one seems to care about. But a part from that it’s a beautiful panorama. In the way back I walked through Ton Village and walk all the road to Bokombaev. I walked around one hour enjoying the landscape and interacting with locals (it’s fun that they always think I am American because all the volunteers in Kyrgyzstan are Japanese (which I don’t look like, do I?)) or American. But today everyone asked me if I was German, which I liked more :) I was also offered a lift in the way back for some mini-truck drivers.

Enjoy with the photos! Please do not forget to leave your comments or share if you like them!


Anonymous said...

Ноелия сага рахмат сонун суртторун бар экен, биздин айыл, Ысык-Кол.
Тон-Боконбаев. Биздин жерибиз сага жакты деп ойлойм. Wellcome Issyk-kol Bokonbaevo...

Anonymous said...

i felt like i was right there with you! hope you get a chance to check out Mono Lake in Eastern California some day :)

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