Monday, November 26, 2012

You like it or not, this is Angeles City, Philippines

Short walk around Angeles city to discover that it’s not very different to another big cities in the Philippines. It reminds me a lot to Cebu and Manila,overpopulation, unattractive and dirty. 

Main entrance for the party street

We walked through Walking Street looking for normal young people party. But unfortunately, as I expected, most of the bars were offering only “girls” for old men. The only apparently normal disco was Sky, at 11pm was empty with more staff than costumers. All the Walking Street is full of street food, chicken, fruits, Shawarma, Korean restaurant, Italian, and mostly fast food. We ate at Bunny Burgers, quite big meals just a little overpriced.

Beef Steak Tagalog for 190PHP
I wanted to see the city with daylight to have another vision of it, but we arrived already after the dawn. It was not easy to be a foreigner in this city (well, it is not easy to be a foreigner anywhere in the Philippines, unless you lock yourself in a resort) and the harassment and rip-off is quite frequent. For example, we took a tricycle to go to bus terminal. We agree the fare of 100PHP (mininum fare 70PHP, I think he was lying too, in Olongapo min. fare is 7,5PHP). When we arrived there, the driver asked for 150PHP (for not even 5 minutes ride). Of course, he saw two white foreigner on the ride. My Filipino friend argued with him, because this was not the price that we agreed. And the driver told her:

-Why are you arguing about the price, if you are not going to pay, you are just a prostitute (!!!!)

He was lucky enough to be riding the tricycle. If not, Dohna would have killed him!!

Gangnam style bar in Walking Street

Once in the van to Olongapo (price 130PHP, 1h ride), when the beggars kids saw us they were quite happy. They might think that they will collect enough money that night. But of course, following my principles I refuse to give money to kids. Then they started to kick and knock the van and make horrible noises, threatening us that they will only stop if we give them money. Noone of the 20 people in the van seems to care about this, not even the driver. When we leave, one of the older beggar girl shout “fucking prostitutes” because we didn’t give them any money… Wow, apparently here everyone is a prostitute if you not follow their request.

In brief, it was only nice because I was in company of my friends. A part from that, the harassment was bigger as I usually feel and the people especially unfriendly. It is not a healthy city for younger people.

If you found something enjoyable not related with prostitution in Angeles, please let me know for the next time!


Mustachio said...

How rude!!! I am embarrassed for my country!

Noelfy said...

You shouldn't, because it is indeed a lovely country.
Only 10% of them behave like this. It is fine, there are black sheeps everywhere.
No matter that, I am still coming back on the 5th of March ;)

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