Friday, November 23, 2012

Crossing Russian border without visa

Crossing border are painful. Even for an experimented traveler, they still can be a nightmare.

Leaving Kyrgyzstan ;_;

After my stay in Kyrgyzstan I decided to go back to Philippines. The three possibilities offered will force me to stop over: China, Russia or Kazakhstan.  For Kazakhstan I already experimented how difficult was to get the transit visa. I decided to try Russia. It was also the shorter and the most affordable combination.
Flying with drunk Russian guys seated on the same row as me, I managed to lose the printed itinerary. I was lucky one very cool Russian guy who was living everywhere around the world (Do I always meet people like me randomly?) noticed how lost and desperate should I look and came to offer me his help. Mikhail is the hero of the night. He though I should have got transit visa but as it is less than 6 hours stay-over I might be lucky…

The lady on the border was shouting to everyone. I opened my umbrella ready to get the shower. But obviously I tried my polyglot charm first:

-Приbet! Kak дилa? /Priviet! Kak dila?/ Hi, how are you?

It seems to work, until she started to make a phone call. I looked out to Mikhail. She was just calling someone of immigration to escort me through the security to the boarding terminal. A blond officer took me there and sat me on a chair. Another older gentleman came to check my passport. Then 2 ladies wearing huge coat inside the airport.

Another 2 different ladies came to bring me back my passport and the new boarding pass. The process was complicated with so many people coming and going and taking my passport but I guess it wasn’t illegal as they let me go. Not many people change planes a Novosibirsk but they were very professional and I guess I got my boarding pass 4 hours before the flight, so they took so much time before of that (around 1 hour after my arrival in Russia)

My boarding pass issue without trouble or transit visa! Thank you, Russia!

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