Sunday, November 11, 2012

First Impressions About Kazakhstan

Arriving to this wonderful city at 4am, everything looked very confusing for me, but very exciting. Everything, absolutely everything written in Cyrillic.
Entering the border with the most unfriendly immigration officer…

Kazakh chocolate and souvenirs
And then waiting for my Couchsurfing host…Riding a car, I don’t understand anything. Who is the guy driving? Who cares! I just want to get home!
And then, once there, my host had amazing views from the central mosque and the mountains…The sunrise was amazing, photos do not justify my words…

The dawn and the mountains.
Central Mosque
A few hours later, my first real encounter with Kazakh people and an old ex-soviet republic.
Only 4 days was enough. Almaty is very green city and still a metropolis, where about 3 millions of Kazakhs call it home. Still, very different sensation to other big cities I had been.
The overwhelming in Russian language and Cyrillic alphabet was something that I did enjoy a lot, however a little bit of Latin alphabet would have been appreciated, at least in the buses or public transport.

Mountains and nature are, without doubt, the best treasure in Kazakhstan.

Medeu Mountain
These are only my first impressions. More articles coming soon!

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