Sunday, November 4, 2012

Osh Bazaar in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Welcome to Osh Basaar!

Very colorful, it reminds me to Green Market in Almaty. Osh Basaar is a huge market where Silk trader use to stop by in their way to Osh to trade for the silk road goods.

You will find several Minivan around all the city going to Osh Basaar (look for OЖ Базаар or OЖ B/p or a similar combination). Find here a map with the exactly location of the bazaar.

This market it is known as the cheaper of the city. Here you can buy fruit, nuts and vegetable, clothes, shoes, toiletries, repair your traditional Kyrgyz musical instruments or buy souvenirs, kalpaks hats.

Everything smell so good, which one to choose?

Kyrgyz carpets.

These are the kalpak, the traditional hat for kyrgyz muslim

Mini tangerines!

Another curiosities you can buy here: It is became very popular in Kyrgyzstan the Army fashion and here you can buy all the accessories.

Selling clothes and grapes at the same time, why not?

Traditional Kyrgyz dress for celebration

The honey seller and my Nescafe Gold full of honey traveling to Hong Kong

Korean salad sellers are also present here and it is a good place is you need to buy Japanese seaweed nori.
Also traditional in Kyrgyz life is the Kymyз (Kumuz), made by horse milk in the mountain, the Бoзo (Bozo) by cow milk with a little bit of alcohol 10% and the last one made by nuts.

Homemade drink made by cow, nuts or horse milk
Not sure if I am enjoying my horse milk...It's kind of bitter

If tired of that much shopping, there is local restaurant available for refreshment. Try the delicious Shamshyk, usually made by chicken, beef or sheep meet for a 55c the stick and served with raw onion. Manty, langman also widely available.

So delicious!

And just to finish, some bonus...Find one similitude in both photos!  This is probably one of the best Spanish inventions together with fiesta...SIESTA!

Have you ever been in Osh Bazaar?
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