Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Transport network in Almaty

Find here some advises about the complicated transport system in Almaty.

Local transport
A part from taxis, there is several buses going everywhere. The problem is that the bus stops are not often clearly marked and the destination of the bus is clearly Cyrillic. Plus any bus stop shows the bus number that will actually stops there. If still this is not a problem for you, jump on one of them...and good luck, because the way of paying for your ride is different depending of the bus. 

Some buses are very well decorated
If there is a machine, insert 80tг for a single ride and collect your ticket. If there is not and the driver looks like having cash on it, pay to him when you disembark. And my favorite bus, the one with no machine or no driver with cash, you pay directly to the bus inspector when he hops in…if he / she ever does!

The machine to buy your ticket
Insert your 90 tenges and get your change surprisingly in the yellow machine besides

Rides at weekend and from far destinations cost 100tг. Around Green Market there are several buses. #111 will take you at the top of the Tok-tube, the TV Tower. #129 goes from Central Mosque to Meдey /Medeu/. #6 will take to the ski skate resort and to Medeu mountains too.

Long distant transport
The Sayran bus station will take you to Bishkek (price 1300 tenges) and other destinations around the country or Central Asia. The bus #446 apparently will take to the bus station from the center  but I never saw that bus and no one else seems to know about its existence. Everyone takes always taxi. If you try to buy the ticket to Bishkek they will redirect inside the station to pay directly the bus driver. Outside the station there is many taxis also trying to catch you to travel with them. Just ignore them and run inside the station if you really want to travel with the bus. Otherwise, you might try to bargain with them, if your Russian is good enough.

Here any car will be acting as a taxi if they are going on your same direction or they fancy some extra tenges. Just walk and raise one of your hand if you want a ride (see photo). 

The driver will ask you where? And skolka stoi? (how much). If he doesn’t like your offer, he will just speed up. Just keep trying. The minimum fare is 300TG and 500 if you are going outside the city centre.

This car doesn't like our offer.

Let's try the next one
Have you been in Almaty and you have any more advice to add?
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