Monday, December 3, 2012

21 days in the Philippines in 21 photos

You all know already how much I love the Philippines. This trip was more quiet than the previous one, I just stayed in Zambales, visited Angeles and Manila for a few days. But here is a collection of my 21 best photos of this 3 weeks.

Wonderful landscapes
Amazing beaches

Jeepney, my "favorite" public transport.(I am starting to hate tricycles!!)
Kinilaw (raw fish), my favorite dish ever
3 Days motorbike around Zambales
Many evenings at the Night Market doing "Taga Taga"
Ouch! Accident happens! Training for my Rescue Diving
Mangoes, Papaya, Ube and all the amazing filipino tropical fruit!
My friend the bi color eyes cat
Veinte, my Mimo filipino
All my evenings working at the Coffee shop

Scuba Diving, one of my passions.

Learning Rescue Technics

The best pizza in Metro Manila
Vlad+Aileen in Quezon

Jerome in Alabang

Doing friends everywhere!

A Real Monkey

Travelling with the Rescue Team

My beautiful sister

Unforgettable Sunsets


Jay Braun said...

:) :) A Kiss in the sun

Noelfy said...

A Kiss for you, Plums!!

Mustachio said...

What happened to your head? Why was it all bandaged up?

FootballClubofRiverside said...

Noel, you seem to have been enjoying yourself, well done, sorry about the accident hope you are okay.

Noelfy said...

Sorry guys! Nothing happened to my head, a part from the usual crazyness.
That photo is part of the training with the incident response Rescue Team in Olongapo!

lelobandito said...

looks like you're having a great time!

Noelfy said...

Just as usual;)

Great Holiday Pics said...
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