Thursday, December 27, 2012

Working on Board Cruise Ships IV: How to Book a Cheap Cruise

Having working in the cruise industry for some time, I have some advices to tell you about the best way to book an affordable and unforgettable cruise ship trip.

Book on board
The best deals are usually found on board. In every cruise ship there is one office dedicated to Future Cruise Sales and they are the one to offer you the best deals ever. Also realize, the Cruise Sales Manager is a crew member as well, that had being cruising for long time, so they really can provide you with the best and accurate information about how the cruise ship looks like, facilities on board, entertainment, port of calls... This option is only available if you are a regular cruiser and you are going to be on board soon and planning to come back. Do not forget to enroll the Loyalty plan of the cruise line as you will get invitations for exclusive events, dinner with senior officers, gifts in your rooms, bottles of champagne...Also, most probably when booking on board you will get some On Board Credit to spend in your next cruise ship trip (drinks, spa, shopping, shore excursions...)

Definitely a cruise ships is like a village!

Book through travel agencies
Some of them they are very knowledgeable, they come often to cruise with us or at least, when the vessels is close to their cities, they come on board to be aware of the facilities and try the food. They usually have agreement and good deals with the company. If you have any questions or special requirements, they will get in touch with the company to make sure that your request is granted. They also provide you with some vouchers or discounts. Always double check with them to make sure that the information you pass to them actually reach the cruise line to avoid surprised once you are on board.

Cruise ship food is the best!

Book in internet
Internet is a wonderful XXI tool to book or buy anything anytime of the day. However the information can be limited there and you can get overwhelmed by the huge quantity of cruise lines offering you different trips. Always have in consideration your age, physical condition and experience traveling. Some cruise lines are oriented to family with children, other for more seniors guests and food, activities and shore excursions will be different depending the target they have. That's why, if you don't know the cruise line, do not choose it just because of the offer, always investigate to realize what you are really going to get as not all the cruise lines operate the same. Usually the provide you with a telephone number or an online email address to make them the questions.

Which other ways do you use to get cheap cruises?
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