Saturday, December 1, 2012

Things Happen for a Reason II

Still in bed, I checked my mail from the iphone.

An email waiting for me: the restaurant I was supposed to start working this Monday has to closed a few days ago due to permits.

So I am flying tomorrow to Hong Kong and staying a few nights "sleeping" in the restaurant until I find a suitable place to live. Suddenly I remained jobless and homeless.

Everything seems to get sort it out for me to stay and enjoy my 3 months in Hong Kong...However now I have to reflex about what to do:

Philippines! It seems i won't get ride of you so easily!
Follow the original plan and come back to Philippines and finish my dive master?
Try to check with the other restaurants that also made propposal of hiring me when I was in HK?

Definitely I have to exit Philippines, as my tourist visa expires tomorrow. Only if I knew this one week before I could have applied for a visa extension and no need to leave the country. Plus I left a few stuff in Hong Kong that I would like to pick up quickly.

A Wind of Change again flowing to me. But this does not scare me. Expect the unexpected!


Mustachio said...

Hmmm there must be something better waiting for you :-)

Noelfy said...

Exactly! That's why I don't care!! ;)

Adam Zettler said...

You are very brave. I know something good will happen for you! All the best.

Noelfy said...

Thank you Adam!! I am sure as well. And that's the motto of my life, everthing happens for a reason!! ;)

Joshua Merced said...

I hope to see you soon! I should be in Cebu for three weeks next month.



Noelfy said...

Obrigada Josh!! We are moving to Boracay soon!! I will try to catch you there!! Why Cebu?

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