Thursday, December 13, 2012

Filipino Food: Taho

One morning my Filipina friend asked me:
-Do you like tofu?
-Ye...- I tried to answer

They constantly sing: Tahoo to advertise the product at the streets
And start waving some guy like at 2Kms…The poor guy was blushing.

What she was so exciting to show us what the Taho, a king of creamy tofu used as a drink snack. The seller will pour some of this taho, together with caramel syrup and tapioca (jelly) balls.
The result is a fascinating combination that it would be just amazing if served iced or at least cold.

Serving the taho

Serving the topping: syrup and tapioca balls

My favorite model carrying the taho
In Manila you won't find the taho boy but there are fast food chains selling taho as well, especially at the stations and shopping malls
Have you ever tried Taho? Which one is your favorite filipino snack?



strwberry taho masarap

Mustachio said...

Taho! I like taho! And it's supposed to be consumed warm :-) And yes, kulapitot is right, strawberry taho (found only in least that's the only place where I found it) is good!

Noelfy said...

Mhhhhhhhhh strawberry tahoooo
I will have to go to Baguio and try!

Agness Walewinder said...

Hi Noelfy! I'm so happy to find your blog. I have never tried Taho, but all of my Filipino friends recommended it to me. The food there, I can see, is also being sold on the street and I love buying food from locals when I travel.

I am wondering if I would like it :)

Will be following you on social channels. Keep in touch!



Noelfy said...

Thank you so much Agnes and welcome anytime!!

Yes, Taho is really lovely and tasty. I would just love it more and more if it would be cold, but as Mustachio said, it is supposed to be consumed warm :D
Buying food from street vendors is a good way to empathize with the locals (eating as they eat) even if sometimes our stomachs are not prepared for that!
Nice to meet you and hopefully see you around!

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