Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hong Kong Style Barbecue

Last Thursday, when attending a Couchsurfing meeting, I was invited into a Barbecue, Hong Kong Style. Obviously it took me less than 2 second to confirm my attendance.

Show your creativity in your food!

How does a Hong Style BBQ look like?
I would say like a well, with a huge compartment inside for the charcoal and racks. There are seats around the BBQ for everyone.
Preparing the fire

This is how the barbecue looks empty

What kind of food do they use?
Nothing weird so far. Sausages (Big and small, cheese taste),  soup balls (fish, beef and octopus), clams (they taste amazing!) prawns, mushroom, pepper, corn, sweet potato, chicken wings, beef steak, fish, toasting bread with amazing honey barbecue sauce...
Sweet potato! yummy!
Delicious food waiting for us!

Who is doing all the cooking?
Everyone does their own cooking, there is some long metal sticks and you put there whatever you want to eat. And be patient, as it can take a while. At the end, the remaining meat, beef steak or the big chunks of chicken will be cooked in the racks instead than of the sticks.

Doing a corn
This is my first round: beef and octopus ball, 2 mushrooms and cheese sausage. I was so excited that nearly ate raw

How many people can take part in this kind of BBQ?
I would say as many as you want, as there is always a place for one more stick.
Is there place for one more? Yes, please!

Is this only in Hong Kong or also in Mainland China?
As I asked my party mates, they claimed to be only in Hong Kong. I haven’t been in China still to discuss this, so if everyone have seen them somewhere else, leave a comment!

Heavy rain is not a problem..
When you are having fun!

In my opinion, it is a quite fair system (you cook what you want in the quantity you want, whenever you want to eat it) and it’s not like in Europe, one single person cooking for everyone.(and everyone jumping into the cooked meat as soon as it is ready) They also made some sangria with ginger ale that wasn’t bad a all (not sweet but good).

At the end we have a Lucky Draw and I was lucky enough to get this beautiful hand-painted trunk with a powerful message: 

“One Life, One Chance! Go Travel!

Seems appropriate, right? ;)

Thanks to the Hong Kong Couchsurfing community for this unforgettable night!!

Couchsurfing BBQ group Xmas 2012


Gordon Walker said...

I'm drooling! Yumm!

Mustachio said...

Looks like fun! :)

Agness Walewinder said...

Been to Hong Kong 3 times, but never had a BBQ there. Looks yummy and you look so happy :):)

Noelfy said...

Yeah, it was yummy and fun!!
Agness, we need to make sure you try one in your 4th visit in Hong Kong! Get in touch with the couchsurfing community if I am not here!

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