Monday, December 24, 2012

10 Places You Should Visit Before the World ends

I don't care when the world ends ( as long as I am able to finish my bucket list!) but this places you should definitely visit at least once in your life:

1.- Budapest: Something magic links me with this city, that I still always wants to come back, though I was living there for 7 months.

A different view of the Parlament

2.- Caribbean: Relax and do not do anything, enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle!

Beach in Marigot, St. Martin.

3.- Central Asia: Here the life follows also a different rhythm. I had been totally fascinated by Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and still much to see and experience there.

Issyk-kol lake, Kyrgyzstan.

4.- Japan: In this country you can still feel tradition and modernity. Food, hot spring and many cultural differences to amuse you. My favorite cities is Nagoya, without doubt, followed by Nara. Why I didn't like Tokyo after living 2 months there? This will come in a post soon.

A different sushi.

5.- Transylvania: Another region of the world that let me surprised with its simplicty and beauty.

6.- Palawan: No words to describe this Philippine Island until you dip inside the pristine water.

7.- Venice: It's officially situated in Italy but a complete different world. You don't need to go inside any museum, the city itself is a museum and you just roam around to fulfill your wanderlust.

8.- Porto: Another city that fascinated me that much that I have to come back several times until I settle down for 2 months there.

9.- Hong Kong: My last "homecity" of 2012, I really feel amazing here and many things to discover in this city and their outlying islands.

Views of Wan Chai exhibition center

10.- Andalusia: Of course, the place I come from needs to be in the list! Welcome to the most authentic region of Spain. Most of the tourists arrive to Madrid or Barcelona, but this is the earth of the traditions and culture of the country. Almeria, Cordoba, Seville, Granada...Many things to offer.

Cabo de Gata in Almeria. Are you going to miss it?

There are not in any order whatsoever, but just make sure that you visit them at least once in your life!

Which one are you places to visit before the world ends again? ;)


Mustachio said...

I'd like to visit Nepal and Japan!

Noelfy said...

Japan is amazing!!!
And I am looking forward to Nepal too!! :D

Mustachio said...

I never really thought about countries beyond Asia because of budget issues. But if money were no object, I'd love to go around the world! Merry Christmas Noelfy! :D

Noelfy said...

Well, you know very well that you don't need to be rich to travel (as I can see in your excellent blog!)It pissed me off more the visa issue for Filipinos that genuine wants to travel, they are not allowed!
Happy New Year for you! Hopefully a year 2013 full of travel and experiences!

Miss Mureena said...

Antarctica and Iceland would be on my top ten list, have not made it to them yet. Galapagos islands as well. Then maybe Japan, at the very moment of cherry blossoms.

Noelfy said...

Nice places Katjia...
This list is actually infinite, I would never finish adding destinations, however I don't like to suggest place I never been (yet) ;)

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