Sunday, December 16, 2012

Siberian Airlines Review

I flow with Aeroflot from Bishkek to Novosibirsk. Before boarding I bought 2 samsas(traditional Central Asian snack). I heard so many horrible things about this company. 

First flight the crew was quite competent and took very serious the secure the cabin. They speak English. The food was delicious, chicken with rice or fish with pasta and besides the give you a green box full of snacks and the usual salt and pepper. No complains at all, a part from being seated next two the usual Russian drunk guys, the were giving snicker bars and candies all the time but also very insisted with making me try that 42% Cognac that they bought in Kyrgyzstan.

Second flight I was trapped between a sleeping couple and I couldn’t go to the toilet. And they managed to throw away my huge snack pack that I hide inside my pocket seat. I was very upset because my seat was the one on the windows one. How did the flight attendant managed to fly over that sleeping couple and steal my lunch pack? Obviously I order another one. This package was huge and the snacks fed me for 2 days!

When I arrived to Hong Kong my baggage was missing.  I guess they lose in transit from Bishkek to Novosibirsk…Whatever, it arrived 2 hours later, after I filled up all the paperwork, my bag was found.
Then many things happened the following day. Things that changed my trip….Or not?
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