Thursday, January 24, 2013

Air Asia Review

My first flight with Air Asia was on 4th January 2013 from Hong Kong to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia. I really wanted to flight with them, as they are known to be the cheapest in Asia, I wanted to discover if the quality and the service were also paired with the Cheapest Low Cost company in Europe, the always loved-always hated Ryanair.
Getting closer to KK.
Fortunately, it wasn’t!
The Check-in guys were very nice! I was traveling only with my hand luggage (with is 9.2kg all in total including laptop) and the maximum was 7 Kg, but the guy in the counter didn’t realized that I was wearing half of my belonging over me. And next to my counter they were boarding the Clark flight and a Filipino family of 5 members appeared with 15 kg extra and 2 pieces of hand luggage over and the guy was very accommodating with them.  We were lucky they weren’t that strict with the luggage. I remember once that Ryanair tried to charge for one kg extra I was carrying. And I was traveling as staff. Weird and humiliating.(obviously I didn’t pay, I know millions of tricks to avoid paying at the counter desk)

A closer view of the Sabah capital city Kota Kinabalu.
The plane was a little bit dirty (and we should be one of the earlier flight departing at 8:05am) everything went ok. We had 40 minutes delay due to technical problems but boarding was very quick. The serve hot meals to passenger who pre-booked before. After drinks trolley and duty free, the hostesses didn’t bother anyone with selling, they just stayed in the back and chatter for the rest of the 2 hours.

The plane that brought me to Malaysia
 They have a very interesting In flight Magazine and some touristic information about Sabah.

Disembarking was quite quick as well.
I am quite happy so far with this company even if customer support is not that great. I had to change a flight departing in May and contacted them through twitter and email and took them quite long to answer. And not a very clear answer, just a copy -paste from some agent in a rush that didn’t read my email properly.
So, again, I would recommend to flight with them if you have no commitment in your destination, you are a backpacker or someone looking for cheap flights. But if things go wrong, low cost companies do not have resources to help you.
A Buddhist Monk checking the latest offer wit Air Asia
Happy Air Asian flights!


Akihabara Princess said...

Thanks for the review, I didn´t know nothing about this company bfore ;)

by the way ,you should make a post someday about that tricks to avoid paying at the counter desk ;) haha

kisses!! ^^

Noelfy said...

hahaha thanks so much for your comments Princess!
However, this secret, together how to introduce liquids or sharp items in the carry on, are this kind of secrets that its better to keep for yourself...If everyone knows, then security at the airport knows it too and they are gone :P

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