Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aussie Barbie in the Gold Coast!

Again, after my HK Style BBQ, I was again lucky enough to be invited to a real Aussie Barbie (aka BBQ or Barbeque) and Birthday Bash (a "bash" can mean any gathering to celebrate anything).
The place where the BBQ was held is a suburb known as Koala Park on the banks of Currumbin Creek, full of vegetation and salt water direct from the ocean but fresh water flows from the mountains to the creek.In the middle of the creek there were many sandbars. Many people were doing water sports.
Before anyone else arrives...

Beach was still empty.

Gazebo ready to cover everyone!
I was surprise that it starts so early, at 10:00 am, although guests keep coming all day long.
Aussie BBQ are full of sport activities, not only food. Everyone will bring one sport item from home to share with the other, for example, someone brought the paddle boat, someone else a few snorkels and masks and even a full diving gear!
The best transport ever!
Aussies bring their gear and go diving!

Bike + Surfing = Paradise
Ruby is going in the paddle boat with mum. She is also wearing the life-jacket.

About the food, surprisingly for me, it was less meaty than I expected. Fresh fruit, grapes, cherries, cranberries and watermelon were waiting for us as snacks. A few salads, cous-cous and cheese.

Cool watermelon shark.


Cool, isn't it?

Meat for the BBQ.

Public BBQ.

The guilty of the Aussie Happiness.

Then came the long tasty sausages and some chicken wings and drumsticks. They were cooked in the public BBQ, with some portable BBQ as a back-up is the public gets very busy.

More and more family keep joining us.

The atmosphere was great. The Aussies really know how to enjoy life.

Ibis everywhere again!

Have you ever enjoyed an Aussie BBQ?


Mustachio said...

Looks like fun! And I love the shark watermelon! I want to try and make one :D

Noelfy said...

Yes, I think everyone wants to try the shark watermelon as soon as they get a longer size one :P!
If you like fruit carving, check this post too:
maybe you get more ideas :P

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