Friday, January 18, 2013

First Days in Australia and First Impressions

Australia…the new dream land for the world…

Although I did not have a good beginning, the first 3 days had been amazing.

First arriving to the Gold Coast and having a quick look of the Gold Coast beaches (I am coming back for more), then back to Brisbane to visit a friend from Almeria that is leaving there for about a year. 

Also, I cannnot get away from cruise ships. Visiting one of my former co-workers from the cruise ship live that she is now working in a new cruise line (very similar to my beloved Azamara). Then Brisbane Sightseeing and swim in the Street Beach.

Second day, I got the change to fulfill one of my dreams of the childhood: to huge a Koala! But also I had an awesome time hanging out with Kangaroos, Dingos, Tasmania Demons, and Lizards and so on…

Finally!! Hugging Darren the Koala!

Petting some soft Kangaroos
About my first impressions about Australia:
-It is a popular believe that Australia is a very expensive country. Yes, I agree. Everything is very expensive, even comparing to London standards. However, the quality of live here is amazing. High prices but you get a lot in reward. And of course, very high salaries as well. Minimum salary here is 15AU$ per hour, but very easily you can get +20AU$ only being a waiter.

Beautiful and surprising nature everywhere

-Although Brisbane is the 3rd biggest city in Australia, there are still quite in contact with the nature. 

-Everywhere you go there are ibis, possums, monitor lizards happily in the streets.

Ibis crossing the street

-And by the way, no, the Aussies don’t own a koala or kangaroo and keep them in the garden. If you want to see them, better go to National Park or Koala Sanctuary.

-Australian women look quite smiley to me. The men speak very quick. Even in the public transport they will likely greet you with a smile, when you board their bus.

-Everyone looks very happy, no surprise that Australia is the 3rd happiest nation of the world.

-Internet and telecommunications are very expensive and not available everywhere (free wifi very rare). Even for a pre-paid SIM card they wanted 30AU$ from me.

Huge Monitor lizard in the street


Mustachio said...

Hahahah you caught the Ibis jaywalking! :D

Noelfy said...

If Police sees him, he will have to face a huge fine!

Koks Yow said...

Uh aussie looks so pretty!

Agness Walewinder said...

Nothing better than being surrounded by kangaroos, heh :)? I'm so happy to see you enjoy Australia a lot. Greeting from China ;-)

Noelfy said...

Yes! Australia is amazing!!

Where in China are you now Agness?

Ruboncio said...

the 3rd happiest nation of the world?
Where have you seen that?
I have tried to figure out it...

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