Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How did I make it to get to Australia

I thought I was flying with Tiger airline to Gold Coast, but I was actually with flyscoot.com

New airline which I never heard in my life about it.

My first flight from Kuching to Singapore was delayed 2 hours, which left me with less than 1 hour to get on my flight.

Singapore Airport got one of the most stupid rules I ever hear in my life (not even in Russia with their crazy rules!). Even if you are a transit passenger with any intention to exit the airport, you will have to go through immigration, collect your bag , go to the check-in counter, pass security liquids control (that the only thing they seems to care, liquids)and go to your boarding gate….

Is really enough so many hassle? I though Singapore was one of the mayor hubs in Asia…Obviously, if this happen in every terminal, I will just stop flying from here and connect with more organised airport as Hong Kong.

When Lee, the other guy from England traveling to Kochi, India and me arrived at the transfer desk we were asked to wait on line (20 people). Obviously I jumped off the line, stating that our flights will leave in less than 40 minutes. After checking our reference bookings, the ladies at the transfer desk stated we have to pay 20S$, otherwise we will happily remained on the airport.

They didn’t have any consideration with us. And my credit card (or their credit card reader!) wasn’t working, so the lady was asking me for another credit card. “I don’t have!! you keep trying with that or excuse the payment”.

Then I was given my boarding pass. -23’ for my flight. Boarding gate estimated distance 15 minutes. They said they can transfer for me my baggage. I don’t want to risk to list my light 7kg backpack.
I run like crazy along the airport.

-12 minutes and I got to my boarding gate...

Pfiuuuuuu still long line boarding. But there is a scan machine…oh no! Does it mean they are going to throw away all my toiletries, scissors  and safety pin?

After arguing with the boarding manager ( I want her to put my baggage on the cargo) and she stated it was impossible (bullshit! I offload myself many times huge baggage from Italian passengers that it was impossible to bring inside the cabin as cabin baggage) I realized it is -10 and I am the last one in line, everyone else is already boarding. She said that if I have a plastic transparent bag with seal and my toiletries are less than 100ml and less than 1litre altogether, I can bring them in.

I always get what I want!
C’mon Noelia! I combine my year of Flight Attendant in the grumpiest airline of the world with my many years of budget traveler around the world. I don’t pay excess baggage and I never had to throw away my liquids. Never ever. And it will stay like this for ever!

I know certain ways to hide huge bottles of liquids, sharpy items, iphone opener. I need to reassembly everything. 

-8 minutes. I can’t see anyone. Will they leave me behind?

I successful passed the control, they didn’t notice anything!

I run to the aircraft. Still people boarding. It is a Boing, a big aircraft. Smelly, hungry, angry and many other adjective finishing in “y” describes me right now. I was lucky to get seated by a chatty Aussie who was very nice to share his pre-booked meal with me as he had already a huge dinner in Singapore Airport (what I was supposed to do if Tiger Airline would not have been fucking 2 hours late!)

In brief, I am quite disappointed with the Scoot Thru Service charge in a code share partner fight that was delayed. The Air Hostesses (or should I say Hair Hostesses, as they look all the same with the same haircut and quite plain brain girls) that no one could answer my questions. And that annoying chime calling tone, sounding every 5 minutes in a sequence of 10 tones…

I am quite pissed of! But luckily Australia is waiting for me!! :D
Which one was the most awful experience you had when you flight got delayed?


Paul said...

What about the Coolangatta airport? What a joke! Four planes arrive at the same time but the terminal is barely big enough for one. I hope there are plans to build a decent terminal.

I lost you in the crowd - wanted to say addios.

Hope you have a great time in Australia

Noelfy said...

Thank you so much Paul!!
You cannot even imagine how slow was the Non Aussie/Kiwi line... Only 2 officers on duty! 3 empty immigration desks!!!
But I was so happy to be able to make it to Australia that 2 hours waiting was insignificant...
Thanks again for the great convesation and to not let me starve lol!
Hasta pronto!!
P.s: Gold Coast is amazing!

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