Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Day Trip in Iba, Zambales

We were very lucky to be offered by the rescue team in Olongapo to go with them to Iba, a city situated a 150KM. Ten of them were riding motorbike, and three of them in a car.

The landscape was amazing, with the mount Pinatubo recently explosion the river looked very white. Cows, rice plantations and lovely families greet us in our ride.

Our motorbike group

We had an amazing lunch in Bons, eating Bulalo (beef soup with vegetable), crispy pata (pork leg), canton bihot (noodles) and kilawang pusit (raw squid).

A taste of Bulalo

Crispy pata (fried pork leg, too fatty for me)

Kilawang pusit.

After that, swimming in an empty beach. 

Here you can observe the beauty of Zambales, in the Philippines and the magic effect of Mt. Pinatubo:

Such a beautiful pink tree!

Zambales tiny airport, you have to cross the ramp to go across the village
Have you ever visited Iba? Which one were your impressions?
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